Trump administration socialism

The UK has decided to allow chinese firrn huawei to have a stake in their 5G cell phone network, something teh US blocked them from doing here

In response attorney general barr has suggested that the US take a controlling interest in cell phone companies nokia or ericsson

“There have been some proposals that these concerns could be met by the United States aligning itself with Nokia and or Ericsson through American ownership of a controlling stake either directly or through a consortium of private American and allied companies,”
“Putting our large market and financial muscle behind one or both of these firms, would make it a far more formidable competitor and eliminate concerns over … their staying power.”

When can i expect the cons who call bernie a commie to start calling Barr the same thing…

US should take stake in Nokia, Ericsson to counter Huawei in 5G: Barr

So he can count on your vote to KAG?

I would be fine with this, but I don’t want to pay for it twice. If they take a controlling interest, they better subsidize the service wholly or in part for Americans.

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UK will regret it.


We know Bernie loves Communism and always will.

What will the UK regret?