Trump Administration Sides with Sudan over USS Cole Law Suit

The survivors and widows of crewmen who died in the 2000 USS Cole attack in Yemen had filed a $315 million dollar lawsuit against the country of Sudan for providing materials for the bomb that killed 17 crew members.

The Trump administration has sided with Sudan in this lawsuit, claiming that the notification of the lawsuit was sent to the wrong address. The Administration claims that the notification should have been sent to Foreign Ministry of Sudan, instead of the Sudanese Embassy. Somebody at the Embassy signed the registered mail.

The Administration claims if the suit is allowed to proceed, then it sets a precedent that other countries can send notifications to US Embassies. It is mentioned that directives are given at US Embassies to not sign any certified mail.

Even though I want them compensated, there is a proper procedure to deliver the suit and they didn’t do that. Your beef should be with their incompetent lawyers who should have known better. Remove your feelings…if you can…and look at this through the guidelines that all countries must adhere to and you’ll understand the WH position.

BTW…there’s already a thread on this.

Always a pleasure watching Trump supporters flip between supporting following rules and procedures and breaking them.

Thanks for the heads up, I did not see the other thread.

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^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ This post is based on feelings and not facts. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^