Trump administration refuses to rule out Martial law to deal with caravan

during the press conference toward the Trump administration refused to rule out suspending posse comitatus by invoking the Insurrection act to deal with the Caravan.

What are we going to do… gun them down? Could get scary quick

Maybe we should also suspend the elections in this time of great national peril from the…few thousand starving men, women, and children who are months away from out southern border.

Man, trump and company are masterfully milking this thing.

The party of manly men…absolutely terrified about a group of impoverished, starving refugees who are weeks, if not months away on foot.

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Trump is the party of fear.

I don’t think this administration has thought this through. Sure, they are hoping this speaks to voters who want a political party that is strong on the border. But … what actually happens when (if) the caravan actually makes it to the border. The optics of soldiers pointing weapons at women and children won’t help Republicans.

Ya I don’t think Sanders was ready for that question, but she should have said no and not even float the idea.

We need to get some troops on the border now. Someone (((?))) could start giving them scooters