Trump administration loses again in federal court

A federal judge blocked the Trump administrations plan to put a citizenship question on the 2020 census.

“It follows that a court cannot sustain agency action founded on a pretextual or sham justification that conceals the true ‘basis’ for the decision,” U.S. District Court Judge Jesse Furman wrote.

This case was hard fought by the administration and it is unlikely any appeals would be in time for the question to be added to the 2020 census.

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I’m so tired of all this winning.

Hoo boy. This is some red meat for the base. I can hear arteries bursting in skulls already.

Dems want open borders…

The Random Republican Response generator has chimed in.


Nope, fake news.

Way too much winning going on with this administration.

Republicans want a dictatorship.

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Isn’t it fun to stereotype?

Polly wanna cracker?

What everyone (except Trumpists) want is the most accurate census possible. Trumpists want to suppress the count, just like they want to suppress the vote, of the wrong sort of people. Just admit the truth, you’ll feel better.

They hate our freedom!

We are not trying to impeach a president for winning…

And name a right wing dictator currently in power in the world. I can name lots of left wing dictators… See how reasoning works…

Every act of the dems proves they don’t want border control… I don’t know why they just can’t admit it.

Fake news. Republicans want a dictatorship.

See how reasoning works?

This is like watching a monkey at the zoo eat his own poop… Awesome

Like proposing $25 billion for border security? Why did Trump and the GOP turn that down? Sounds like Trump and the GOP want open borders.


Kim Jung-un


…all 5 of whom Trump has complimented