Trump Administration held an immigrant child in a holding cell for 25 days with no bed or shower

So says the Department of Homeland Security’s internal watchdog report on the slapdash, poorly conceived “zero tolerance” policy and the indifference of the administration to children separated from their parents with no real plan of reunification. Nearly 1,000 children were confined in holding cells for more than 3 days with at least one child being held for nearly a month in a cell without a bed.

A great nation filled with great people would find this monstrous. Regardless of your political inclination, every decent person in this country should agree that we should be better than this. We will not be as long as the deplorables have anything close to resembling power in this country.

I am surprised that no one has died.

We don’t even treat Gitmo detainees this bad. These idiots need to be voted out this November.

The very first sentence of that report is scathing.

Too many people in this country are self centered and have no empathy for other humans.
There was more outrage from a certain sub-section of whites over a zoo killing a dam gorilla to save a child’s life than they have over a cop killing a 12 year old boy on a rolling stop and shoot, where cops lied and got caught on camera lying.
And then a football player kneels to protest this killing causing some idiots crying and raise more of a fuss cause the Troops or some crap.


This isn’t sounding very much like summer camp to me.

Yeah, it’s almost like the Trumpsters lied about something yet again.

If a private citizen were treating a child like this, child cruelty / child abuse charges would typically be forthcoming.

Someone should be fired and then put in jail…

Oh illegals? They dont care …

odd, the thread title talks about an “immigrant child”, but there are no immigrants in the story.

not surprising.

But Goursech. And tax cuts! And MAGA!!!

i like goursech, i like tax cuts. maga means nothing to me. i also supported comprehensive immigration reform under bush, though i do believe its enactment should be delayed until after the border is secured. otherwise, we do it again in 15 or 20 years

Pro- lifer say what now?

Another thread that will get no conservative posters…


Lets cry over these children who were put in the mess by their uncaring. criminal parents. Let put the blame where it belongs. We didn’t bring them here their parents. did. So if they are suffering blame their parents. Their parents had a chose and they could have chosen to stay put and not become criminals and their kids would have never had to go through this.
And before you all start screaming your heartless, have some empathy. I was told that Kavanaughs daughters stress was caused by their father. He could stop their stress at any time. All he has to do is step down and with draw. That it was his fault they were hearing all these trouble stories and getting death threats. He’s rich he can afford therapy for them.

This just proves that the left really does not care about children unless they can get them a few more voters or more power.

I don’t really care. Do you?


Blame the parents cuz we put him in a cell for twenty five days without a bed? Bull ■■■■, pure and unadulterated bull ■■■■. The most violent depraved murderers, rapists and thugs in our prisons get better than that.

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What are they supposed to do after 72 hours, shoot them?

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The kid probably deserved it.