Trump administration drawing up plans for a cost plus 50 fee for hosting US troops

What a great idea… This should bring most of the troops home after the hosting countries refuse to pay this fee.

Having a military presence around the world in order to project and protect US interests is overrated.

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What will Trump do if Okinawa declines to pay?
Or Diego Garcia?

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It’s almost as if he doesn’t understand the United States’ grand strategy…

All he gets is money and even then he doesnt

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Surprised this hasn’t garnered a larger discussion.

This should help reduce our national debt so that I know everyone is for this, especially dems.

How would it reduce the national debt if there are no buyers?

Why do you believe these countries would not place a strong value on their national security?

It closes bases that we pay for to operate all over the world…that expense comes off the books. I really believe its a good thought for most places. But on the other side of things. We leave most places does that destabilize the world, and how quickly does that happen?

This is one of the reasons Tillerson called him a ■■■■■■■ moron.


Are we stationed there based on their national security only?

China and Russia want us out of Asia, this is doing them a favor…

Trump is all about weakening US foreign policy

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Not only that but a U.S. Military base helps local economies where they are located. It provides on base good paying jobs and contributes to off base/local businesses.

This question is a good start to begin exploring why this move is entirely stupid except to those who are short-sighted and only think of these things as business transactions.

No one ever gives a thought to the idea that the US LIKES it that we provide security to the world.

Its not that other countries are “selfishly glomming off of us for their security”. It’s that we WANT it that way because it benefits us far more than any other arrangement might.

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It is almost 6 of one /half dozen of another kind of thing.

WE need more troops, so the troops we have now don’t have to do 5 tours of duty in a 4 year period, this is direct linked to the suicide rate we’re dealing with today, Democrats be damned for the blood on your hands caused by your Foreign n Domestic Policies… I Thank God everyday for Mr. Trump

Tip it over.

How do you think it benefits us?

What other country in the world has our military reach?

Do you believe that countries like Germany and Japan having to develop stronger militaries will make us less safe or more safe?