Trump administration attempting to change asylum law via regulation

The Trump administration has filed a new regulation that will prohibit asylum to those that transit a third country before entering the US. This is an interim final rule so it will go into effect tomorrow.

This is clearly unlawful and contradicts federal asylum law.

Who needs a legislative branch? I’m pretty sure it was just a suggestion in the Constitution

This was probably their backup plan if the safe third country agreement with Guatemala failed… It did yesterday…

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And there goes the argument that Republicans aren’t against legal immigration.

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I support it. Glad he keeps fighting this. Congress has the authority and power but they wont do anything.

It would be great if American Citizens could vote on what issues we want congress to act on.

As far as contradicting fed law, oh well…he is just…wait for it… prioritizing!

Inaction by Congress is reason enough to ignore the Constitution?

An injunction will be issued and the rule will never go into effect… It’s so stupid and blatant I’m starting to wonder if it’s actually a mistake and wasn’t supposed to be released until after the Guatemala agreement… The Guatemala agreement failed…

Trump inherited Obama’s “pen and a phone”

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Most likely correct. Everything he does gets challenged by someone. I think this makes congress look bad though because they refuse to do anything on it.

I guess we will see how the American Public feels on this issue at the next election.

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Glad to know you’re okay with the law being broken as long as it’s for a cause you believe in. Hopefully for you the pendulum doesn’t swing back in your lifetime because the added power you want the executive to now have will come back to haunt you when it is being wielded by a progressive liberal.

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Has Trump proposed a change to the law that they could then examine and act on. If not, then Trump is just assuming the executive runs things and the other branches of government…

There is a means to do this under our Constitution.

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Hyperbole much?

Look at the amount of immigrants we have arriving everyday. Something has to be done.

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No it is not hyperbole in the slightest. Because you don’t like what’s going on is not reason enough to ignore the Constitution

you said “congress won’t do anything”. was that hyperbole?

And this is just as bad now as when Obama pulled that crap.

If all Trump voters wanted was another president that would ignore the constitution, well - they got it.

Congratulations - I guess.


I am more worried about the plight of of the immigrants than your feelings.

You want to reduce the number that are granted asylum because you care about them? That makes absolutely no sense

Turns out that they didn’t disagree with what he was doing, just that it was a Democrat that was doing it. Nothing more than jealousy that Obama was using their playbook.

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I care about the plight of the people that actually deserve asylum. Not the asylum of people that are trying to game the system.

I know fully that your side wants to grant asylum to all. I fully understand your position. I just dont support it.

No use trying to change my mind, just like I wont attempt to change yours.

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Sorry but that isn’t my position at all. What were you saying about hyperbole again?


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