Trump Admin Tracking Journalists and Immigration Advocates

What do you guys think about tracking the journalists that cover the caravans that march to the border? This sounds like scary stuff to me.

I live in San Diego. It is very rare to see anyone stopped while driving into Mexico. They are out there waiving everyone across and wanting them to spend American dollars.

Journalists are being interviewed and detained, some have even been banned from crossing into Mexico. What other information are they collecting and what other journalists are in this database?

There’s an interesting note tacked in the story:

UPDATE - 4:20 p.m.
Minutes after our story published and five days after a Customs and Border Protection spokesperson gave us the agency’s statement above, CBP told our colleagues at NBC News that the names in the database are all people who were present during violence that broke out at the border in November. The agency also said journalists are being tracked so that the agency can learn more about what started that violence. CBP never clarified that point directly to NBC 7 Investigates.

And that’s a flimsy excuse. Journalists didn’t do anything wrong. They were just doing their jobs. Just another indication of how bad this admin. is.

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