Trump admin to bailout failing coal and nuclear plants

As the ageing coal and nuclear plants fail due to competition from cheap natural gas, it looks like Trump is going to use emergency powers to offer a massive bailout to keep them afloat by requiring grid operators to purchase their energy instead of cheaper natural gas power.

The invisible hand of the market strikes again :laughing:.

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Good. Obama shut down a lot of perfectly good coal plants. Lots of folks lost their jobs at those plants.

Reversing the trend is a good thing.

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Eh we need to move to nuclear and natural gas. Preferably nuclear.

I’d rather spend that money to retrain the coal workers and certify them to work in nuclear, solar, and natural gas plans.

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he’s just undoing the damage that previous liberal governments have done.

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Love this really facile response. Conservatives now support this kind of government involvement in markets?


Yep yep, the coal industry would be just fine if it wasn’t for Obama.


It isn’t just the coal workers but for example TVA workers that lost their jobs.

Nuclear plants I can see.

Coal??? Why in invest in a dying industry when you can invest, along with nuclear, in natural gas, solar, wind turbine, potentially hydrogen fuel cells, etc.
This administration is very shortsighted? Where is the vision, the forward thinking?

Lots of Nat gas due to fracking…

blame goes further than Obama… further than presidents.

Good? Seriously? Using the force of government to supersede the will of the free market is…good!!! Yay authoritarianism! Yay government force! Down with capitalism. Down with the free market. Hooray! Let’s party!!! :man_facepalming:

The vision? Totally missing out on the way this administration has the economy in high gear now?

And that is just the tip of the ice berg as for the good work they are doing.

Yup, this is why propping up the coal industry with government money is stupid.

Might as well use government resources to prop up the buggy whip industry. Coal is about as relevant and sustainable.


No. Conservatives absolutely do not support this. Trump cultists do, because something something something.

Dude stop! I mean seriously. This economy is doing the same as the past few years under the Obama administration. Slowly, yes, same rate pretty damn close. Stop letting your partisan bias get in the way. There is no vision, no forward thinking with this administration as it relates to the common American. If you don’t know that by now, then you’re going very, very disappointed when this nonsense fails and he leaves America in worse condition than he got it. See dubya and I actually liked him but he put the economic engine right in a ditch and 45 is destined to do the same damn thing.


Wonder where all these fiscal “hawks” were when Obama squandered billions on green energy companies many of which went bankrupt?

Oh that’s right they supported him.

“Republicans” now love tariffs and market manipulation.

Glad I left the party in 2012.


Not even close. Obama’s average GDP was what 1.8…1.9 percent?

You will see much better than that under Trump.

Free Market my ass.

I voted Republican for years. I now see very clearly that I was a total idiot.