Trump Admin Gives OK to Sell Nuclear Tech to Saudis

Who voted for this? Did you guys not know that Donald Trump would do crazy things that you hate? Or cut funding for handicapped people and the poor while giving himself and his kids a massive pay increase and getting in bed with a murderous regime regarding nuclear stuff?

You guys saw this coming correct? You accused democrats of this very thing for decades.

Again, the grand kids of this generation are going to hate their grandparents.

The company that is selling the reactors is part of the same conglomerate that provided the funds to bail Jared Kushner out of his failing investment in 666 Fifth Avenue. Blatant corruption here.

I’d say Barbara Bush had it right…

"Former first lady Barbara Bush says Donald Trump caused her “angst” during the 2016 election and led her to question whether she was still a Republican in the months before she died.

Bush’s thoughts about Trump were revealed in excerpts published on Wednesday in USA Today of an upcoming biography, The Matriarch.

In a February 2018 interview, Bush, wife of 41st president George H.W. Bush, was asked if she still considered herself a Republican. She replied, “I’d probably say ‘no’ today.”

Their main adversary was given nuclear tech by the Russians and NK.

I’m fine with them having a nuclear deterrent.

Who knew this Administration was so pro proliferation. :man_shrugging:


Russia and NK are our friends

That’s just foolishness.

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Here goes the marshall plan…

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Yes we really want nukes in the hands of countries that have radical elements in them.

We really want to generalize the concept of deterrence to countries that have no concept of it.



I think people have so trained themselves to automatically defend trump on everything, but, in this case they’ll take a week or two and then realize this is a really bad idea. Especially when a bunch of Republican politicians come out against it.

Trump proves again that he cares about money and nothing else.


It’s not like the 9/11 terrorists were mostly Saudis or nothing.

Or that Al Qaeda has Saudi backing or nothing.


Besides I thought Trump took care of Iran but good.

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The more nukes the better.

What could go wrong?

Nukes in the Middle East.

I guess if you’re a premillennialist you might think you’re doing God’s work…


We should just put a bomb in Meggido just to be safe.

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I think a whole bunch of republicans just want sane leadership again. We don’t hear from those guys of course. In 2019 America you mainly hear from the crazy people because of social media and the Internet.

But make no mistake, a lot of decent people are getting tired of him.

See, now you’re using your noggin!

Aye if it pisses off libs it must be right!

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Wahhibis with nukes. Remind me why this is a good idea.

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