Trump Admin Declares Iran’s Revolutionary Guard a Terrorist Orginization

This would allow them to essentially wage war on Iran without congressional approval, as it would now be covered under the “War on Terror” umbrella.

Bolton is wetting his pants in glee right now.

What is the end game here?

Meanwhile the Saudi’s started that new “BoneSaw” drinking game and nothing… haha I hate to admit it but, America, we deserve this type of ■■■■■


Wrong! They get access to nuclear tech. All it took was the murder of a WaPo journalists. Bargain I would say

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Didnt Trump tweet Obama would start a war because he has bad poll numbers

Are not terrorists non-state actors by definition? If so, how is the Iranian Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization? It’s part of the regime and the US already sanctions Iran. Anyways…


Yep. Everything is on the table.

Here you go.

Well it’s not quite sure.

Maybe we should ask Trump inc and his partners. We could maybe get a clearer view.

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I’m still not sure what the end game is here? War?

More pressure on Iran to prevent them from getting nuclear weapons. Please don’t insult my intelligence by trying to convince me that the Iran deal did that already.

So trump is admitting that his organization directly funded a terrorist organization…

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We were able to sanction them without this move. I’m not opposed to it. I’m just unsure of what the end game is here if not war?

Of course it did. During the lifetime of the deal before trump pouted, did Iran have a successful nuclear weapon?

Simple yes or no.

There will be no war. Just more pressure. IMHO

Its all about the end game. Allowing them to get nuclear weapons at some future date is unacceptable.

This move means trump.can charge a higher cut when he launders money for them…

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The deal worked for the duration of deal. That is a fact. Iran could have a nuclear weapons in 150 years and it would not change the fact that during the life of the deal there were no nukes

Once again, the deal all but ensures Iran will get nuclear weapons once the deal has expired. So in about 10 years, Iran will have the blessing of the parties involved in making the deal to proceed with their nuclear weapons program. They also had their financial assets unfrozen.

I understand that many on the left see that as a win, but there are many others who believe we got hoodwinked.

So the end game is to ensure that Iran NEVER gets a nuclear weapon.

You can’t prove that and we will never know otherwise. Fact there there no nuclear weapons created during the deal. True or false?

Letting the Saudis have nuke is the biggest reason why Iran will go after them also.
Saudi Arabia…the ones responsible for 9/11