Trump Added $1.2trillion To Debt in FY2019

Crickets crickets from the GOP and pundits. This used to be a daily rage. Now Trump is surpassing Obama’s annual debt increases, and this is without a huge recession. Trump was handed <5% unemployment and <$500 billion deficit on a silver platter.

GOP tax cuts once again ruin the trend.


Tea party protests to start shortly.


Unforgivable. He was supposed to pay off the debt.

We need a nationwide tax bill sent to every state to pay down the debt based on population; however they want to get the money is up to them, but 10% of the debt should be paid every year for the next ten years. It will take WWII levels of sacrifice but we need it.

The deficit only matters when a democrat is power.

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I miss the tea parry patriots.

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This is amazing.

I make both sides howell.

I support a balanced budget amendment. 5 years after passage congess MUST submitt a balanced budget to the president. No CR’s, actual budgets. If not, if revenue is predicted to be lower than previous year – all agencies/departments cut by same percentage to acheive balance and cuts can not be restored and taken from other area’s of the budgetr.

5 years after first balanced budget, 2% of revenue must be used to start paying down national debt. If no budgets, that 2% can not be cut.

If no budget and revenue is expected to be higher. Previous years budget with NO increase in effect and all excess revenue along with 2% goes to paying down the national debt.

Built into it. simple majority to cut taxes. 3/4 vote of both houses to increase taxes.

See how many D’s and R’s support that.

any-day those tax cut will kick in.

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who could have known cutting taxes and increasing spending would be so bad.

This has been the Republican playbook since Reagan. Cut taxes with no way to make up the loss of revenue, keep the spending spree going and then when they’re out of power debt and deficits suddenly matter again. Rinse, repeat. I don’t think there’s been a Republican administration that has actually reduced the deficit that was inherited since Eisenhower.

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So… when is the next Tea Party rally?

No! Tax cuts and increases get the same treatment.

What should he cut? What’s the dems proposal?

Funny that the last 2 democrats reduced the deficits they inherited…by A LOT


The party of ZERO personal responsibility.


Hey now, they cut revenues. They did their part. It wasn’t the hard part, but it was their part.


The deficit was under control befire ya’ll passed the tax cut. The deficit started drastically being reduced after tax cuts for upper earners expired in 2012.


This along with ballenced budget requirment would keep spending in check. Wthout it, it would be too easy to “tax the rich” to pay for everything.

You know, like the dem presidential candidates want to do now.

I can’t support the amendment with that provision in there; other than that it looked great. but that is too extreme for me.

They don’t have to be 50-50; they could both be 75-25 to raise or lower taxes, but you can’t have it easier to lower than raise taxes.

That’s not the driver of the deficits. It’s fake news to blame the tax cuts…