Trump about to win on shutdown


Not quite but…it’s a start.


Put in place the necessary remedies so that “we” wouldn’t ever have to have this conversation again.


So it is not a fool proof system? What needs to be done to correct that?

I’ve read many things about imports and exports with China. What are you hearing?


I agree Mr. Reid was also very partisan. But Mr. McConnell makes what Mr. Reid did look like child’s play by comparison. It is not even close.

Well that is just not true at all. Lol


As long as there are Republicans in Congress representing rural areas where most of this cheap illegal labor force works, nothing will be done to address this problem. Republicans need to keep their rural constituents happy to maintain or retain power. And rural Republican voters will keep reelecting these Republican politicians to office, because they know they will never allow the flow of cheap illegal labor to cease.

The wall, of course, addresses none of this reality. And is a complete waste of money that does nothing to address the actual problems. Mr. Reagan likely never could have predicted it would be his own party that would fail to follow through on the promises made. Nor could he have predicted so many that now scream about illegal immigration, continue to support the same party that is responsible for not addressing the REAL issue.


He owns it. No apologies needed.

President Trump cannot act alone to fix the broken border either.

Tonight’s speech will be of the greatest importance.

Be sure to tune in and join us tomorrow for the aftermath.



I don’t think that a wall will keep out Mexicans, and other people from Central America, as effectively as many people think. Using a combination of technologies will keep those people out of the country in a much more effective manner. And it’s much more cost effective and scalable as well. That will please any fiscal conservatives that may exist.

Win Win.

Well, except to farmers and many small businesses.


A few facts before tonight’s bigly White House address.


Nobody outside of Trump’s most guilable supporters believe his lies about a national emergency at the border.


Well, yes quite. It’s exactly what’s happening as we speak.


Which is why he definitely needs to declare a national emergency tonight.


Ya, if he declares an emergency and thinks taking the money away from members of the Arm Forces and military procurement…

… … … … That will end well.


Maybe I’m giving credit where none is deserved, but I think this is a bluff and Trump isn’t stupid enough to do this.


I disagree.




I’ve spent some time reading up on how the current administration quote unquote functions and hebis definitely stupid enough to do this.

Also, you only have to watch what he says publicly to see what his “dealmaking” style is: he proposes something absolutely insane and then walks it back to where it already is now and offers it as a supposed concession.





this move that Trump is about to make tonight reminds me of old timey corrupt Chicago or New York City politicians.


I’m fully prepared to be wrong.


i’m just gonna dig how the media crushes Trump regarding the national emergency being a national emergency NOW but not being a national emergency for the last two years.