Trump about to win on shutdown


Yeah, you just blamed everyone else for it. Nice try, though.


Canadians apparently.





They’ve got it rough, don’t get me wrong. That southern border of theirs is a freakin train wreck. They should get us to pay for a wall made of thick flannel and maple syrup…

Mmmmmmmmmmmm… flannelly syrup…


Great. Let’s stop issuing temporary VISAs altogether. Especially for jobs that can be done by Americans at the going rate. It’s mostly a tool being abused to drive wages down anyway.


If you listen to the current D responses to the idea, it answers your question. I have waited for the government to fulfill their side of the agreement since 1986 and I’m now done…build the wall.


A more accurate synopsis would be I’ve already paid my debt 32 years ago and I’m still waiting for the government to fulfill their part of the agreement and now…I’m done waiting. Build the wall.


There was no wall in the 1986 agreement. The historical revisionism around this has got to stop.


10 Nopes


That’s true but the teeth that was in the agreement was never enforced. Now…I’m done listening to political rhetoric that means NOTHING. Build the wall.


Do you have any idea how the rate of border crossings has changed from the 80s to now?





You people just aren’t thinking big enough. Build a DOME. That’ll fix everything.


A few points to add to your post.

Visas are also issued to people from countries who are here to go to college as well. Are we to stop allowing foreign students to study here?

If the government stops issuing visas, that might be a short term solution for the future, but what about all of the people who are currently in the United States on expired visas?

Again, I go back to the premise of using the current approved funding to improve technology to more closely monitor those here on visas. And improvements in technology for monitoring of all borders, north, south, the seas, and the skies.


So here we are, 30 years later, and people are STILL so whipped up about “the greatest betrayal known to man” against Reagan, and rather than do something about it, conservatives are still reeling from that wicked burn and refuse to actually do anything about the problem instead, and will only accept a wall as reparations for the great wrong against them.


I am not interested in one political party’s ideas, I want a joint agreement between both parties on how to handle security in a reasonable fashion.

The agreement in 1986 granted amnesty to those who were undocumented. What didn’t government do in 1986 that you were waiting for?


This is a question prop seem to be avoiding.


So…tiny trump lied (or you wish to ignore) when he said he’s proud to have the shutdown his responsibility?


The Dems only want to make sure President Trump doesn’t fulfill his campaign promise to build the wall. They know the wall is needed. President Obama said it. President Bush said it. Now that President Trump is doing it, the Dems are against it. Just politics. Not bi-partisan. Just hate President Trump.


Did the Dems offer Trump 25 billion last year for the wall? Yes or no.