Trump about to win on shutdown


Well, that’ll add to the cost…those things are expensive!


I wish I could tell if this is a joke.


Doesn’t he lie with complete lack of concern for the truth? How can anything he says be trusted or verified?


But it can be just like LEGO Land and we can make money by charging admission. :slight_smile:


Made in China.


Where does Milo land on this whole issue? Does anyone who watches hours upon hours of his stuff have any idea?


there isnt enough popcorn in the world to get me ready for tomorow


But… I thought the idea was to NOT let people in…


150 million people waiting on him to pass wind so they can scream “racism” or “Russia!”

We’ll know.


Is that a fool-proof system?


So far so good.

I read something about importing US rice to China? You hear anything about that?


Pfft. Details.



“Several dozen House Republicans might cross the aisle this week to vote for Democratic bills to reopen shuttered parts of the federal government, spurring the White House into a dramatic effort to stem potential GOP defections.

White House officials and Republican congressional leaders worry that GOP support for the shutdown is eroding, weakening President Donald Trump’s hand as he seeks billions of dollars for a border wall that Democrats have vowed to oppose, according to GOP lawmakers and aides.”


No that title goes to Harry Reid. Who sat on every bill out of the Republican House. And stood on the senate floor and lied about a presidential candidate. He always put party before country and definitely history is going to view Harry quite negatively.
Nancy and Chuck are the same they will do what ever it takes to get the senate and the white house and country be damned. History is going to not look at them fondly either.


Merrick Garland.


You don’t seem to care about the national security risk that we have with anyone and everyone coming across the border at will. Not securing our border is a national security risk and if another 911 happens and it is revealed that the people who carried out the attack came across the southern border the first people to start hollering that something should have been done about the border will be the same ones who are saying border security isn’t a national security risk now.


Do you know what the 5 billion is even going to pay for?


bout 200 miles of steel “slats”

But as to an actual proposal…keep looking


That statement is not correct.

I do care about national security. However, I look at past instances of terrorism and it usually pinpoints back to scum who came from Middle Eastern countries or were Americans who were influenced by radicals from the Middle East. Prime example is the scum from 9-11, all of them came on visas. Visas. How many people in the US are here with expired visas?

Its time that the US government focus on smart ways of handling those who are here on expired visas. Building a wall, wasting money on something that can be easily be breached, is not the solution. I am a tax payer who does not want to have his taxes go to waste.


MAGA :cn:

10 hats