Trump about to win on shutdown


The fact that Trump can just change the product that is being used tells me that there is no real proposal. I fear this is just being used as a slush fund.


Great observation. One of mine as well. I will bet dollar to doughnuts we never get a spending proposal from them either.


Ouch! :rofl::rofl:


This thread took an unexpected turn.


He is already negotiating on the “wall”.


With Canada?


Is he? Where is he?





Here you go


Steel slats.


Steel slats are “negotiating on the wall?”


Yep. And he better use 'Merican steel, too.





How is changing from concrete to steel negotiating? What guarantees he uses ‘Mercian steel too?


The dude was offered $25 billion last year. Threatened the veto and the GOP caved. Now he owns the shutdown.


Not 'Mercian, 'Merican.

We’ll know if he doesn’t.


Don’t worry, they’ll continue to be ignored by both sides, just like you will. Don’t feel bad, I’ve brought this up before, namely when we were hell bent on bringing in more “refugees” from Syria and I was called a heartless monster. Go figure.


I cannot edit on this social media site.

How will we know?


Tweets. You can’t be serious. 150 million people can’t wait to catch him doing something.


Pretty soon Donald will say it’ll be made out of LEGOs.