Trump about to win on shutdown


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Re-read @dantes post. The bill garnered 54 bi-partisan votes. It needed 60. And would have likely received 60 had Mr. Trump not threatened to veto it. You may be new to politics, but this was sort of a big deal in the early part of 2018. Lol

I’m on my phone and have trouble linking legislation. Perhaps someone else can assist. @adroit linked the bill last week in a different thread when someone else was making the same incorrect claim you’re making now.


I am not a fan of completely factually incorrect claims.


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Why are you including this article here?


I’m not sure how this relates to the discussion?


Canada should build the wall, and WE should pay for it.


Canada is well aware of the American flood of murderers, rapists, and very good people. I’m just curious why you want to talk about it here.


You didn’t read the article, did you? :woozy_face:


Let’s recall his original promise: Concrete, and Mexico will pay for it.


Perhaps the point to including that article is that many countries are being invaded by outsiders. The U.S. is being overrun by murderers and good people from the south. Canada is suffering an invasion of rapists, drug dealers, and kind folks from the United States.

The article teaches us that Americans do not have hold the moral high ground in terms of illegal immigration.

It enlightened me.


Horses don’t play hockey and the votes on the Senate floor speak for themselves.

I don’t know exactly what you’re taking issue with in my statement. Maybe you can be more specific.


Nothing passed because nothing got 60 votes. The best they could do was 54 votes for the “common sense plan”. Republican Senators turned against it at the end because they heard Trump was opposed. Which is similar to what’s happening now.

The plan that Trump supported, the one that tacked on all kinds of unrelated changes to the immigration system, could only muster 39 votes.


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Is there any proposal that states where this $5B is going to be spent? How much will be secured by this $5B? The proposal must have changed since Trump decided to change from concrete to the steel slats.


I’ve asked this six ways from Sunday and crickets. I’d love to know the answer here as well.

Also, why people are so excited to demand another $5.6B in funds when the administration has only spent about 10% of the last $1.6B in allocated funds on border security.


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I missed your well informed posts. I am a bit confused by this article, though. Are you claiming the Canadians need to build a wall on their southern border?