Trump about to win on shutdown


They gave him his wall money in exchange for DACA. He turned it down. Master negotiator.


So a law is not a law unless it comes with criminal penalties?



What is the remedy for violating this law?


No they didn’t. He offered to sign a legalization of the DACA “kids” in exchange for wall funding when Schumer and Pelosi then backed out.


The best negotiator!


I think the 5 billions covers like 250 miles of “wall”…the whole thing is poorly though out and poorly executed.

All of a sudden so called conservatives are putting faith in centgov to build a 2000 mile “wall”, meanwhile the admin has yet to put out plan as to how such a gargantuan task is to be accomplished…

Best case scenario for Trumpers construction on it starts, this thing will be tied up in legal challenges for over a decade.


Wrong again. Lol

Hopefully none of it for the construction of new walls, because that would be a giant waste of tax dollars. Some of the money is allocated to the repair of existing border fencing that is needed, seeing as how this fencing has been breached over 10,000 times. And it is expensive to upkeep and maintain, and does nothing to stem the flow of illegal immigration.

Stop trying to equate border security with a wall. Lol


You failed to answer the question as usual.

Lame diversion.

The fact that there is inadequate fencing that is easily breached only shows the fallacy of your argument.

The point is to replace it with barriers that are not easily breached and are low maintenance.


Fascinating. Lol

I’ve never met a new poster to a social media site so wrong so often. Wild.


Total revisionist history.

Schumer offered billions for a wall in exchange for DACA. Trump refused which resulted in the government closing.

The promise was the Senate would go back and vote on various bills for the same solution. Trump refused to back the “common sense plan” which was $25 billion for a wall (imagine that) in exchange for amnesty for 1.8 million DACA recipients. It had the approval of 54 Senators, the vast majority of Democrats and some Republicans. Of course Trump threatened a veto because he got greedy and started demanding unrelated things like changes to diversity visas and Trump’s veto threat frightened the Congressional Republicans away. Keep in mind, everything I just said occurred in February 2018, a month after your article. So the narrative that Schumer stopped all debate about funding a wall is total bunk.


This needed posted a second time, to emphasize the accuracy.


Expect the point to be completely missed. Maybe someone should post it again.


great post. I knew the reply to me was disingenuous, but didn’t feel like being bothered with it.


Funding has been approved to upgrade fencing in certain areas and replacement. Trump wants a wall where there is no wall at this point. If you just want to replace and repair the current walls we have, there is no argument in congress for that.


Wait, so unless Congress passes a budget that provides for border security to an extent that satisfies a Hannity forumer, then those politicians have broken their oath of office?

I didn’t know about this fourth branch of government.


Which leaves over 1,200 miles of the border unsecured.


Horse hockey, Schumer claims a lot of things he can never support.


Wow. Totally wrong. There was an actual vote. Senators on the record. Lol


Let’s see a summary of the bill. If it passed then there must be a record of Trump Vetoing it. Please provide a link.


If things are “fine” why were illegal crossings up by almost 25% last summer?