Trump about to win on shutdown


No money for wall Trumpty. Sorry


I loved the cover of The Week magazine. It was a cartoon of trump building a brick wall around himself - boxing himself in.


I think Donald Trump just upped the number of dollars he’s asking Congress for to build a wall that he will never build.


It is to the degree that Trump wants a stupid monument to his vanity.


Looks like the Democrats in the Senate are preparing to really dig their heels in on this one, and not allow any votes in the Senate before votes to fund the government are made. This is going to further put pressure on McConnell and the GOP, as they are owning this Trump Shutdown.

“Senate Democrats should block consideration of any bills unrelated to opening the government until Sen. Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans allow a vote on the bipartisan bills the House passed to open the government,” Van Hollen tweeted over the weekend. “Mitch, don’t delay. Let’s vote!”

A senior Senate Democratic aid said that Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer, D-N.Y., would be joining in the opposition to taking up the Middle East policy package before votes on the House-passed spending bills. “Senate Republicans should instead bring to the floor the House-passed bills to reopen the government,” the aide said.

Van Hollen, the former chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, has been gaining support among the caucus, including from potential White House aspirants.

“The @senatemajldr should immediately allow a vote on the bipartisan bills the House already passed to reopen the government — until that happens, @SenateDems should block consideration of all unrelated bills,” New Jersey Democratic Sen. Cory Booker tweeted Monday morning.

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., was among the first lawmakers to express support for Van Hollen’s attempted maneuver. Some other Democrats looking ahead to the 2020 presidential race did not immediately respond to requests for comment on the plan, which has also won backing from the AFL-CIO.


You guys are too funny. The “wall” has been estimated to cost between $25B - $75B. And now you guys think that a whole $5B will build a wall that will stop everything. You guys continue to prove that you will believe any and all of the BS that this administration is feeding you. Trump does not care about border security. He cares about keeping a campaign promise to his base and pleasing the CEC. And if he doesn’t get this win he wants the fight to go all the way to November 2020. If this shutdown goes another week or two there will be so much pressure on the Republicans on the hill that Trump’s phone will be ringing off the hook. He could help himself if he told everyone how the $5B is going to be spent. But he won’t because he doesn’t have a plan.


What leverage does Trump have?

Polls show that he’s taking the blame for the Trump Christmas Shutdown. And Trump claims that he’s willing to let the shutdown continue to years.

Right now, he’s just looking for a way to lose and to save enough face to call it a win so that most of his supporters can run a victory lap.

So Pelosi will toss him a crumb for this or that, and he’ll pretend he fleeced them.

How else could it go?


I’ve made no excuses for their inaction.


Nobody ever said physical barriers will “solve everything” except people like yourself making the contrarian argument.

What we know for sure is that it’s impossible to secure the border without physical barriers unless you want to hire enough Border Patrol Agents to line them up spread no more than about an average of a hundred yards apart from the pacific to the Gulf of Mexico.


He’s giving an Oval Office address tomorrow and I think he’s gonna try to declare a state of emergency. This is going so well.


Without passing anything that even remotely resembles a secure border.


Are they obligated to pass something that resembles a secure border?


McConnell is for open borders. I knew it!


Wrong again. Lol

They agreed to $1.6B in funding last year, of which the Trump administration has only spent 10%. They agreed to another $1.3B in funding in the current legislation that passed the House. Almost $3B in funding to secure the border.


According to their oath of office they are.


Which would do nothing to create a secure border, it’s just more of the same.

How much of that money is approved by congress to go toward physical barriers exactly?


So it’s a political question, not a legal question…


Oaths are not political, they are required by law.


Are you suggesting they can be prosecuted for not passing appropriation legislation… LMAO…


Democrats don’t want a wall to secure the border. They want more modern technologies to be used.
And since they control the House, they have as much say in border security as the Senate and the President.

Too bad Donald didn’t try to get his wall money when the Republicans were in complete control, Oopsy.