Trump about to win on shutdown


Then he doubled down the other day owning it again.

People should read the newspaper before weighing in.


So Donald’s back to owning it?

Alpha Male is Alpha.



I posted his statement in one of these wall threads the other day. I’ll see if I can find it.


Here it is.

“At first, he vowed to “take the mantle” for closing part of the federal government. Then he blamed Democrats, saying they “now own the shutdown.” By Friday, President Trump was back to owning it again. “I’m very proud of doing what I’m doing,” he declared.”

Trump’s Wall, Trump’s Shutdown and Trump’s Side of the Story

People close to the president described him as emboldened since members of Congress returned to Washington, giving him not only a clear target to swing at but helping him focus on a fight he relishes


Blame it all on Trump? Lol. Trump is doing this all to himself. Trying to blame others for the actions of Mr. Trump is fascinating.


The Democrats have passed legislation to open and fund the government. This is 100% on Trump and the GOP.


Why isn’t Mitch allowing the House bills to reopen the government to come to the floor?


Anyone who thinks the Democrats objection to the wall is the building material is a fool.

Fortunately (or not), Trump has practice being a fool in public, so this won’t bruise him.


We have a man child in the White House, a series of enablers among the Republicans in Congress, and the true policy makers in the Fox News pundits. That’s how you end up with a situation in which something passed through the Senate unanimously only a few weeks ago is now supposedly a non starter.


Mitch knows that if he allows a vote it will pass with a veto proof majority. He doesn’t want to make Trump look bad. It’s better to damage the economy and cause a crisis rather than anger the dear leader.


Mitch is going to go down in history as the worst Senate Majority Leader of all time. I hope his donor bucks are worth it.


I don’t know about worst. But he will definitely be remembered as being the most partisan. Placing his party above the country on a regular basis. Which will definitely have history view him quite negatively.


Why can’t the government simply pass a clean CR to get the government up and running? Then President Trump can sit down with Democrats and Republicans to begin negotiations on how to proceed with this spectacle called a wall?


I’m convinced he’s more invested in his wife keeping her cushy job in the administration than in doing what is best for the country.


Ah look, the conservative dictating that you shall not be paid until their government program is funded.


And putting national security at risk. The TSA agents not getting paid and calling out sick is putting airlines at risk. This is the national security risk that should be worrisome to not only the stubborn government, but to citizens.


Agreed. And as time goes on with this Trump/GOP Shutdown there will continue to be more and more negative repercussions on the country as a whole. More Americans will continue to suffer over the temper tantrum of a man-child and his terrified minority base.


correct. Mitch doesn’t want Trump to look bad. Trump doesn’t want Trump to look bad.

this isn’t about a long fence.


because no matter what happens, they have decided they do NOT want any kind of barrier. it costs between 130 to250 billion dollars a year to support illegal immigrants in this country every single year. 5 billion to prevent the flow of illegal entry, which includes drugs, guns, human trafficking coming in and going OUT [check out how many kids go missing in the US every year], encourages families to take dangerous treks across environmentally hostile wilderness to enter illegally, in which hundreds that we know of die on the way. Coyotes and cartels stuff trucks and trunks full of people and will abandon them at the first sign of trouble to die. Then there is our national debt. when we add hundreds of billions a year to our debt taking care of people who shouldn’t be here, our own suffer, we have vets living on the streets, 1.2 mil minimum homeless american kids what about them?


Well, “Mitch” does rhyme with “bitch” after all…