Trump about to win on shutdown


I think it behooves Trump more politically to be seen fighting for the wall (aka keep the brown people out and Make America White Again) than to actually have it built.


But if he got the wall he would have been considered a success. Then he could move on to new enemies! The chants would be just as catchy.
“No more visas! No more green cards!”
“Hi ho! Food stamps got to go!”


Nonsense…the fact that he is now begging for 1/5 of what he could have had last year is proof of his eleventy dimensional master negotiator skills. He has the Democrats right where he wants them!


Well, of course. He NEEDS the wall/border talking point. It’s what got him elected-he doesn’t have anything else.


I wonder if we had these same arguments when we were trying to keep the Irish out of the US.


…and you are a one way street. Both Ds and Rs have had enough control at one time or another to enforce the 1986 agreement on this. Both parties are equally guilty…if…you open BOTH eyes.


I’m not suggesting Democrats haven’t also failed to address the issue. But we both know that without GOP support in rural America, it doesn’t matter how much Democrats try and don’t try. Nothing will happen. The GOP is at fault through and through.


Yeah…I know. :roll_eyes:


Can you explain what wasn’t enforced in the 1986 agreement?


Then why keep supporting that sell out of a party?


I have to agree with Dr. James Mitchell, a U.S. Air Force veteran and former CIA interrogator, that the Dems orchestrated Shutdown is a ‘Narcissistic Power Grab.’


What party is what??? It is now a RAVE party in the House of unRepresentatives. Nancy is the DJ.


A narcissistic power grab to prevent a pointless wall the majority of Americans don’t support. I think that’s called democracy. What is the line so often used here? Oh yeah…”elections have consequences.”


Well it depends on what the definition of is, Is, my dear brother SottoVoce


Do you have something relevant.


If you join the conversation with an open mind, Yes I do.


There isn’t much of an indication that you do.


Personal insults are not tolerated, my dear brother Tilly_jow.


It wasn’t intended as an insult, just an observation.


Perhaps an incorrect observation. You might have had an obstructed view.