Trump about to win on shutdown


And do we know how we got from:

Mexico is going to pay for the wall!


We’re not paying hundreds of thousands of public employees or opening the government until Americans pay for the wall!



I’ve been wondering the same exactly. On what day did we go from not national emergency to national emergency? What specific event? Why wasn’t it a national emergency last year in January, February, March, April, May, and so on?


my guess is that Trump is gonna have to make up some stuff to scare everyone. it will probably be “we have learned…” or “recent events…” or “it’s come to our attention…”.

except for in Trump speak.


The democraps act like they care but it ends there. They care about bullying anyone who has a dissenting opinion! They act thrifty unless they can buy votes from people who don’t belong here. Leave it closed until the wall is built… Enough of this nonsense. 1/4 trillion dollars a year is squandered on filth from other countries. Get out, stay out and if they come back maybe the steel wall can be electrified. The dreamers can go home and dream!


The dems want the shutdown over (except for DHS funding)
And the president says no.



Well what can he do, the dems are not budging on wall funding.

Just declare the national emergency and sign off on opening the gov,t back up.



Is that 250,000,000,000 anything like the 4.000 terrorists that crossed illegally at the southern border.



Lies beginning to catch up.


It’s just more of those alternative facts she is so proud to spew. These are just genuinely horrible people. Lol


Alternative unfortunate


Wow! Stormfront is that way… :arrow_right:


Disband the TSA …we dont need them. A false sense of security and harassment is all they provide.


This is what Trump is playing to.


thats no way to talk about the first lady…


Interesting take. Do you feel that the threat of airplane hijacking has been reduced to the point where pre-2001 x-ray machines and metal detectors are sufficient? Or do you have another recommendation to keep our skies and airports safe?

Or do you feel that the only threat are migrants coming from the Southern border?


I stopped reading after that. Thanks for saving me the trouble


There may be areas in agriculture or some other area that needs non-citizen labor and I’m for that…as long as it’s all legal, taxes are being paid and those same do not have access to government assistance. All expenses are the employers and the employers alone.


It doesn’t appear you fully understand the difference between undocumented labor costs versus legal labor costs. The whole point of employing cheap illegal labor is that it is cheaper than employing legal labor.


This is simple…if the labor is legal, I don’t have a problem with it. If it’s illegal and the employer is attempting to do an end around vs the law, I want them prosecuted.


We agree on this point. Now, why won’t this ever be done? Because the GOP represents constituents in flyover country that don’t want to have to pay legal labor costs. And the GOP will continue to prevent this from ever changing, to maintain this powerful voting bloc. And the people who want to see things changed, will keep voting for the very same Republicans that refuse to address this issue, because they know they’ll lose power if they do.