Trump about to win on shutdown


“Democrats hate concrete, so I’ll give them steel. It’s more expensive too”.

Check mate, tax and spend Democrats.


I dunno who wins, trump doesn’t really care who’s hurt by the shutdown so I assume he can hold out the longest.


Lol - well, as long as he is fantasizing, he might as well place a fleet of Rolls Royces on top of that wall to drive over it while patrolling.

At least he’ll have some happy dreams.


The really funny thing here is that for such a supposedly master negotiator, Trump made a rookie mistake here - he let his negotiating opponents see the one thing he absolutely could not negotiate on - the wall.

And that is going to cost him dearly.


I wouldn’t count on it.


Many didn’t count on Trump winning in 2016 yet here we are.


He wasn’t running against a newly seated democratic congress hell bent on using this in 2020.

Whether it works or not they plan to hang the shut down around his neck like a dead albatross and they’ll make it as painful on the country as necessary to do so to hopefully help the dems take the Senate and WH in 2020. The election is only 21 months away and they are going to disrupt the nation to the greatest extent they can between now and then and blame it all on Trump.

The Mainstream Media will be fully complicit and act as their propaganda wing to help them win even more than they have in the past.


We both know that this shut down is due to Trump. The Dems aren’t trying to make anything painful for the country.


Whatever you throw at Trump, he adapts and keeps on winning. For America.


Rrrrright, the democrats have absolutely nothing to do with it, they have no power at all.

Where’s the puke emote when ya need it?


I wouldn’t call it winning and I wouldn’t says it’s for America. It’s all for trump - everything he says or does.


The government was going to be funded but Trump changed his mind at the last second. Did you read the news around this event?


Gosh, wouldn’t have been awesome if Trump could have delivered on his promise of a Mexico-funded wall while he had a total republican majority?

Always with the victimization.


Our country has been hurt to a much, much, much greater degree over the past few decades than the government employees whose paycheck is being delayed….BUILD THE WALL.


Last time I checked, this shutdown started when Republicans controlled the White House and both chambers of Congress. Where’s a ■■■■■■■■ flag emote when ya need it?


The wall is a dumb idea. Let’s spend money on things that will help. We shouldn’t be holding the salaries of customs and border protection agents hostage so trump can fulfill a campaign promise.

Obama doesn’t shut the government down until Guatemala bay was closed. Congress didn’t give it to him, stop he didn’t throw a hissy fit like like a child. Obama was an adult.


Nope. Still not getting his wall or a steel fence.


Our country is not going to build a wall.

Mueller is going to report and Trump or Trump team members will continue to be indicted and sent to prison. There they will have their wall. Four in fact.


Donald hung it around his own neck like it was a diamond pendant from Cartier. It was only when that dead bird started to stink that he backpedaled and tried to blame it on the Democrats.


“You want to know something?” Mr. Trump finally said, exasperated. “I’ll tell you what: I am proud to shut down the government for border security, Chuck.”

“I will take the mantle,” Mr. Trump went on. “I will be the one to shut it down — I’m not going to blame you for it.”