Trump 2024 VP Pick?

Lets compare.

Mike Pense: 12 years US House of Representatives (rep. Indiana) and Governor of Indiana for four years.

Kamala Harris: 7 years DA of SF, 6 years Attorney General, California and 4 years (2/3 of a term) Senator for California. Oh yeah … and several years as Willie Brown’s squeeze boosting her career.

One with a career dominated with prosecution of criminals and a history of being the beneficiary of political favors with a brief stint as a junior Senator with no seniority; and the other with extensive experience in Washington politics and chief executive of a significant State.

She is the lightest of lightweights in the game.

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That occurred after the election. It had absolutely nothing to do with how the election went down.

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Trump is 20+ points ahead in ME2 and he does not appear to need help in PA. How does she help in VA? Might be useful in NH, but truth be told NJ is just as far away as NY is. Its the shiny thing that always seems like maybe, it could be done, but never is. Kind of like Dems drooling over TX.

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Been meaning to ask … What is ME2?


maines 2nd district


What’s different about the 2nd district as opposed to the State as a whole? Maine only has 4 votes; it doesn’t make much difference whether someone gets only 1 vs. 3.

the 2nd district is strongly republican. and it could make a difference in this election, as could NE2. It depends on MI, WI and PA. As I noted, If Biden wins all the states where he currently leads plus MI, WI and PA, he still needs NE2 or ME2 to get to 270. without it, he gets 269 and Trump wins in the house. ME2 is highly unlikely, but without it Trump doesn’t get to 269 in the same scenario. Only 268

Given that ME2 is highly republican, if Biden wins MI, WI and PA and everything else holds as is, the election will be decided in NE2


no reason to bring up brown.

she won her races by getting more votes than the other guy, just like pence.


talking about trump being disappointed with his selection.

wont have that problem with Vance.



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You are right. Brown is probably not the only man that traded favors with her.

Is there a point there?

must have flown over your head.

pence was not MAGA

Vance is.

Pretty simple.

trump wants a yes man and gets it with Vance.


So no point. That’s what I thought,

Vance is not MAGA. He is an opportunist. He attached himself to Trump when he saw he could help him politically.

But he is definitely a yes man and someone Trump can control. Trump knows that.

Stefanik is better on the stump.

Vance is good. Stefanik is better.

Vance > Pence.

it is a pretty simple point.

Vance will do trumps bidding.


That’s not a point, it’s an opinion.

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Why do you limit her like that? This is 2024 you know.