Trump 2020 Election Theme is "Stronger Together"

So Trump launches the “Stronger Together” theme in his factless-based rally in El Paso last night. He’s go no new ideas so he’s copying the theme from Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign. While Clinton is not running, apparently her idea is good enough for Trump. For a guy with a supposed big brain, you’d think he could come up with his own idea.

Together as in only Republicans?

He sure peddles this notion that he a uniter, but he drives that wedge deeper and deeper.


There is nothing he says that is credible. Deep down, even his followers don’t believe him.

Exactly. He made the decision to be the President only for a minority of the country, and now he wants to pretend that he can be some sort of uniter that brings us all together? What a joke.

The grand uniter who can’t even manage not to insult John McCain months after the man died after a long battle with cancer. The only thing he has brought together are liberals and independents who both want him gone.

Just tune into the CEC and you’ll see it’s all the Dems fault why the country is divided. Trump and his suppprters live in that fantasyland, so of course they’ll keep drinking the koolaid that Trump is a United and amazing deal maker and that Mexico is still going to pay for the wall.


No one buys the “unifier” line. Dems, Independants and many Republicans know he’s a fraud, and his base doesn’t want him to be a uniter.


The good news about this is his base is small and getting smaller. They may be loud, and he may have the support of the CEC, but no one elected President Hannity or Coulter, so they’re all just talking to the same small group.

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It really is a shame having to debate objective reality with some of his supporters. Some of their disconnect from basic, agreed upon facts, is disturbing.

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I think the bold nails it. They want him to punch libs in the face. Not bring all of America together.


Exactly. He tries to say things that make him sound softer, but deep down he despises and detests anyone who dare question him, and his followers want nothing more than scorched earth. If Trump is not beloved, torch it all.


That slogan would have far more credibility coming out of the mouth of Cersei Lannister.


His slogan should be “Ripping us Apart” if he wanted authenticity.

+2 points for the GOT reference lol

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Stronger Together? Sounds like Socialism!

Exactly. He and many of his supporters were not backing him as a change agent. They were backing him as a chaos agent, and chaos, division, and only working for a minority base is what they got in him.

Actually the 2020 campaign slogan is KEEP AMERICA GREAT! But I knew as soon as he uttered the words “stronger together” that it would be hot button topic for leftists.

Um…the official Twitter account for the GOP tweeted this yesterday at 6:40pm CST.

How does this get pinned on “leftists” exactly?

You shouldn’t ignore the facts.

Trump is literally just trolling hillary…what he should change his motto to and it would be more apt is ■■■■ liberals.

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