TRUE COLORS: California Rep. Says He’d ‘Love to Regulate Speech’ but First Amendment ‘Prevents’ Him | Sean Hannity

California Congressman Ted Lieu raised eyebrows across Washington Wednesday; bizarrely saying he’d “love to regulate the content of speech” but is prohibited from doing so by the First Amendment.

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Listening to someone like this is just like reading about what happened in pre-war Germany and Italy and Russia after Lenin. Guess we know who this Rep. holds as heroes.

My First Amendment Right is to CLEARLY STATE , in the SPIRIT OF 1776, the Ted Lieu SHOULD BE SHOT for his TREASONOUS ACTIONS!!!

I disagree that one cannot state such a sentiment when it involves a DESPOT LIKE THIS IDIOT !
It is OBVIOUSLY a risk of the profession when one becomes a MEMBER OF GOVERNMENT that is SUBVERTING THE CONSTITUTION !!!

And this is a lawmaker? It’s getting more and more apparent that these people would like to abolish the constitution. The only problem with that is they would be dead and out of a job if that ever happens. Primarily because there would be another revolt and him along with all those that think like that would be the first to fall victim.