Trudeau's PRC taking shape

I’d day that the Drama Queen, Bullwinkle the Fiberal Bedwetter is turning Canada into a toltarian state. He must be modeling after China.

Canada’s Liberal government is giving hundreds of millions of dollars to media outlets, selected by a panel of “independent” journalists, that are known to have left-leaning tendencies (Journalists question Liberal government's $600M media bailout plan | CBC News)

Increasingly, there has been a loss of parental authority over medical54 and identity decisions that children want without parental knowledge or consent. Recently the courts have decided “in the interest of the child.” In fact, Bill C-6 seeks to criminalize parents who were trying to help their children to accept their biological gender. (Parents of Disabled Girl File Human Rights Complaint against Toronto Sick Children’s Hospital over T - LifeSite ;

“Social justice” causes have demanded extreme government controls of the public space.

And a Jewish PM was blamed by Bullwinkle for convoy of swatzaka carrying protestors. (which we know is bull ■■■■■ , The “Bigot Drama QUEEN” Bullwinkle has a lot of blaming to do…


Lets face it there are some Bedwetters north of the US - PRC border that have internalized a “woke” culture that believes in neo-Marxist ideas which are sometimes falsely called Canadian values.

Fortunately or perhaps unfortunately depending how one feels there are some who want Canada to be Free.

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A central goal of the the globalusts is planetary depopulation to a manageable farmable slave quotient.

Homosexuals and dysphorics don’t reproduce (much). So, all sexual acts outside of reproductive sex will be promoted by them.


What the Canadians did regarding telling the political establishment with in their country to kiss their vaccinated/unvaccinated ass regarding the forced mandates, led the entire world to rise up against this totalitarianism. This has created an establishment backlash and it will be up to the rest of the Canadians, sitting on the sidelines, which fork in the road they take going forward? Will it be the way of freedom or Trudeau? I never would have thought that this movement would have originated out of Canada but I’m proud of my northern brothers and sisters. Let’s see if they’ll finish what they’ve started?


Canadians have chosen to make their capitol a permanent police state where protests are outlawed.

They call it a victory?

Over something so benign as a forced flu shot for less than 10% of the people and some useless cloth masks.


Like i’ve been saying the truckers should just park their trucks until Brandeau squeals UNCLE.

People would get hungry quick!


This is seriously Alex Jones’s whole oeuvre right here.

Brandeau can declare a new emergency order and have the head ■■■■■■■■ get behind the wheel and deliver supplies.

What a sight that will be!!



Ha ha ha funny

Canada has been funding media broadcasting for decades.

So??? Have the People’s Republic of Canada been moving toward a totalitarian regime for decades? Or is it Bullwinkle the Fiberal Bedwetter?


Bill C-16 make conversion therapy which is not supported by a single medical organization a crime.

majority of Canadian support that.

just like the majority of Canadian support ending the protest in Ottawa.

just like the majority of Canadian support the department of Heritage funding broadcasting.

funding of broadcasting is to stop Americanization of media in Canada.

If the majority mob wants it so be it.

That is how democracy works.

Depends on the definition of majority mob,I suppose

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Did you, now?

Yep, but continue to miss understand the political climate of Canada and its people to push your Conservative Christian nationalist narrative.

I support the truckers. And I support a Free Canada.


Canada is free.
just because you can shame your children into not being gay doesn’t mean you live in communist China.