Trudeau show his true colors and attack the opposition

The scandal drag on now Andrew Scheer (Leader of the Conserative party) has been privately threaten by Trudeau for speaking out on the scandal.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer has received a lawsuit threat from the prime minister regarding comments he made about the SNC-Lavalin affair.

Scheer says he received a letter from Justin Trudeau’s lawyer on March 31.

The letter from Trudeau’s lawyer Julian Porter took issue with what they term inappropriate comments in a statement made by Scheer on March 29 in response to new documents tabled in the justice committee from former attorney general Jody Wilson-Raybould

I presume the same protection is afforded reporting on comments made under parliamentary privilege would apply in Canada as it does in Australia.

CJ do you think Trudeau will survive this controversy? When is your next election due? Canada has voluntary voting, doesn’t it?

Next election is this year polls, Liberal have lost the lead in the polls for the first time since Trudeau was elected if the scandal drag on into the election it will likely cost him the position.

we have a saying here in Canada, Conservatives only ever get elected because the Liberal mess up.

I am an Aussie so I am allowed to ask this question. You of course have the right to choose not to answer. Will you be supporting Trudeau in the election?

I voted NDP last election but they have lost their way in the past few years, I’m not a huge supporter of Trudeau and likely wont vote for him, I don’t mind the Conservative party in Canada they are not hardliner and support most social issues (abortion, gay rights, etc)

so it will really come down to the NDP platform vs the Conservative platform and which is more sane, Trudeau has been PM for 4 years and has failed to follow though on a lot of his major promises (election reform, etc)

Is Quebec succession still a major issue in Canadian politics?

nope the Bloc is all but gone in Federal politics, separation is not really a popular idea, though it in Alberta its started to rumble mostly due to their inability to build pipelines. (though leaving would make it even harder to build pipelines outside of the province)

Each province has their own issues we will have to wait and see how the platform look (Canadian are very educated when it comes to election attack ads, etc have never worked up here) a lot of people will vote based on their provincial issues and who has the best solution.

Thanks for the insight. For me the important poll is the one likely to be held in May in Australia so we can get rid of the flatearthers government we currently have.

Do you mean someone like Trump would not succeed campaigning at a seven year old level? Are your electorates called ridings? I presume they are similar to our electorates with the party or coalition that wins the most forms the government.

He could win a provincial election but never a federal one. (the last Ontario election I could have won the Liberal candidate had a 12% approval rating)

AUS/CAN both have the same system of government a parliamentary system.

so the most powerful person in AUS politics would be Peter Cosgrove the GG not the Prime Minster.

Probably only in theory now. I don’t think we are ever likely to get to the same crisis as we did in 1975. If a PM thought that we were close to that, he or she would ring up Lizzie and demand that the GG be removed from that position.

I wonder how long before the Trump apologist invade this topic.

I don’t have much knowledge of your political parties; but from what I know I think I would probably support the NDP or Liberal Party (Canada) since I would describe myself as left of centre.

I don’t think much legally changed due to that crisis mostly unspoken “Don’t do that again”. GG are best served when being non-political.

The irony is that Kerr was a Labor Party appointee. One thing Labor does really well is never forget. Kerr was a pariah for the rest of his life. Infamously, he was drunk at the presentation of the Melbourne Cup two years later.

Interestingly as a sign of how far right the Liberal Party (Australia) has moved in the last 20-25 years Gough Whitlam (Labor) and Malcom Fraser (Liberal) became very good friends despite the acrimony of what occurred in 1975.

Well, well, well…that is a step in the “right” direction. Congrats. :sunglasses:

I am sure that CJ will be overwhelmed that he has your imprimatur.

I don’t think that most people even know who Andre Scheer is. lol

How is he the Leader of the Conservative Party?

You would think most people would at least know the name of the so called
leader of a whole party? lol.

Besides, I thought most of the Liberals on here thought that Trump was the
leader of the Conservative Party? lol.