Trudeau crashes and the liberal loose their massive lead

The Blackface scandal has crushed the liberal party of Canada who were costing into an easy majority win, polling has them down 30%! in less then 10 days. CPC up from 18% to 54%!

I would suggest that Trudeau not take his seat in the next Parliament, assuming he wins his riding, and let his seat be filled in a bi-election.

He is nothing but a huge anchor now for the Liberal Party.

He won’t quit, I am assuming he likes being the PM of Canada, if he resigns his political carrier is over forever at leas there is a chance this will blow over and he wins. My money is on him staying and trying to win the election.

There might be the “bradley-wilder effect” in response to polling.
Expressing whats socially expected and actually voting opposite to be politically expedient.
Usually polling narrows when its closer to actual day of elections.

The biggest danger he faces is the younger ‘woke’ base voting for the greens or some other party.

If liberal lose the election he is done for as the party leader and won’t get an other shot at PM.

I don’t see him resigning, of course you probably know more than me about Canadian politics but it’s so close within the margin of error, I don’t see it happening. If he resigns politics is over for him, if he wins he stays PM of Canada. The vast majority of politicians have inflated egos and don’t want to let go of that power, can’t blame them.