Trudeau and the Federal Liberal finally lose ground to the CPC

As the on-going scandal drag on the liberal have finally lost the lead in the national poll for the first time since Trudeau appointment to PM.

The poll also suggested the Liberals have been bleeding support over the past month as the government struggled to contain the damage caused by the ongoing SNC-Lavalin affair.

Overall, 31 per cent of respondents polled said they would vote for the Liberals if an election were held now, a decline of three percentage points from February and a total loss of eight percentage points since November.

Yet while 37 per cent said they would back the Conservatives – a one-point bump from February and four-point increase since November – Bourque said most of the gain has come from voters in the West and may not translate into a big gain of seats in Parliament.

So what does “conservative” mean in Canada?

I would liken them to your Blue Dog.

they forces mostly on fiscal responsibility, social issues are general deadzone in politics in Canada outside of Quebec (they are special)

The main issues for CPC this election will be pipelines, carbon tax.