Truckers protest Abbott

…and his added inspections at the border.

What began as border crossing delays this weekend turned into a protest Tuesday. Truckers began blocking traffic across the Zaragoza (Ysleta) bridge on Monday, the only way they said they knew how to get attention to their ordeal. Truck drivers also blocked the commercial lanes at the port of entry in Santa Teresa, New Mexico, for part of Tuesday. By Tuesday night, truckers lifted the blockades at both bridges.

trucker convoy against TX gov…

I don’t know much about it - do many migrants sneak in in trucks? I thought the problem was the unsecured parts of the border? The places with no wall?

I don’t know much about it. I,found a couple of dated articles indicating it was a thing. How big a thing…? And this article was back in 2017.

It’s the talking point. Maybe internal polling is telling them the Putin Price Hike ■■■■■■■■ isn’t playing well so they have switched to it’s all Abbott’s fault for price hikes.

Anything and everyone’s fault but Joe, doncha know.


With inspections lasting 20 minutes or more

Ridiculous. The inspectors are paid by the hour so they take their sweet ass time.

Open the trailer doors and wave them through. These drivers have work to do.

Why won’t NYT or CNN cover this?

Abbott realized his attempt to disrupt the supply chain in order to make Biden look bad backfired

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“The true fix for the clogged borders begins with the White House,” Abbott said. “The only way to end the clogged border is for President Biden to do his job and secure the border. If you want relief from the clogged border, you need to call President Biden and tell him to maintain the Title 42 expulsion policy.”

This dude really thought the American consumer would look at the backup and be like: “Yes, Biden did this to me.”

From the OP’s article; Gov. Greg Abbott lifted enhanced inspections at one border crossing Wednesday, after Nuevo León Governor Samuel García agreed to establish checkpoints and patrols to prevent unauthorized border crossings into Texas.

It looks to me like this can all be avoided but…there are cheaters and due to this, there are delays. We really should have just finished the wall but illegals are encouraged by us not being united in enforcing our borders.

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This doesn’t really make sense to me. If there are more patrols elsewhere, would’t that push migrants to road crossings more? Wouldn’t that require more checking of trucks and a greater slow down of traffic?

Little more to it than you’re pretending. Read your link.

The dude was correct.

Ah. So Abbott started checking trucks and within the week that caused year to year inflation of 8.5%. Only a Democrat would buy that story.


When the border is protected by the wall, it allows our resources to be concentrated elsewhere to the spot needed the most. It would concentrate those attempting to illegally cross to enter at these points and when our resources are more prepared, they can speed up the process. They also will weave the net even tighter, catching more and discouraging others from even considering the attempt.

Illegals have stowed away on trucks for decades. Truckers from Mexico have been smuggling dope for generations. Why is this now an outrage?

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Yes, because there are no more mean tweets!

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Right…they would be forced to cross at the road ways requiring MORE truck inspections, slowing trade further, no?

I don’t care one way or the other - if that’s the way it should be so be it, but I just don’t understand why Abbott would cease truck inspections because they are taking actions that - in my mind - increase the need for truck inspections.

IOW, I don’t think this was a well thought out action. I think it was a politcal stunt.

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How does securing the boarder end the need for truck inspections? Seems to me it would increase it, as the migrants have fewer options for crossing the border.

If people are getting caught, would you leave to go try? It will totally discourage those considering making the long journey from doing so. In the short run, what you suggest may take place but in the long run, there’s no question it’s the way that will seriously hinder or stop illegal border crossings.

Abbott isn’t inspecting trucks for stowed illegal immigrants or drugs. He doesn’t have the authority to do search cargo compartments.

He’s having them inspected for mechanical standards.

And you guys bought it.


Do you know how many illegal immigrants or drugs have been found though Abbott’s inspections?

The answer is zero.


k…and his actions are being reported as motivating; Gov. Greg Abbott lifted enhanced inspections at one border crossing Wednesday, after Nuevo León Governor Samuel García agreed to establish checkpoints and patrols to prevent unauthorized border crossings into Texas. How many have they caught?