TRUCE? Pelosi Negotiating ‘Leadership Term Limits’ with ‘Never Nancy’ Democrats

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House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is reportedly negotiating with prominent ‘Never Nancy’ Democrats this week; possibly agreeing to “leadership term limits” should she retake control as Speaker of the House in January.

“Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and a group of House Democratic rebels are discussing a proposal to impose term limits on both party leaders and committee chairs, according to four Democratic sources,” writes Politico.

The former Speaker spoke with “rank-and-file” Democrats as well as leaders of the “Never Nancy” rebellion to pave-the-way for Pelosi’s rise to leadership after years serving as the Minority Leader.

“The deal, if accepted, would be a ‘compromise’ between rebel demands that Pelosi put an end date on her leadership and the California Democrat’s insistence that she won’t make herself a lame duck speaker,” adds the author.

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