TROUBLED WATERS: Mad Maxine Accuses Betsy DeVos of the ‘Destruction of CIVIL RIGHTS’ | Sean Hannity

Future chairwoman Maxine Waters unloaded on Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos Friday; bizarrely claiming the senior Trump official was overseeing the “destruction of civil rights protections” for American students.

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Watch out, that is Mad Max riding in and getting ready to skewer anyone who gets in her way. Betsy DeVos isn’t responsible for what has happened to our schools over the last 40+ years. Everysince Dr Spock pushed his ideas on child raising and education, our teachers have stopped teaching and our schools have gone touchy-feely. So many of our teachers have been incompetent that “Johnny” hasn’t been able to read or do math since the 70’s. It is people like Maxine that have destroyed the futures for too many children because the refuse to admit the problem and condemn anyone who even tried to fix it.