Trouble in AOC Paradise

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has already topped the fundraising charts in her short time in Congress, but the liberal darling won’t donate a cent of her millions to Democrats’ House campaign organization – a position that has rankled some of her colleagues, Fox News has learned.

Not a team player Alex? Don’t cross Pelosi…



Good on her. She and other social democrats think the Democratic old guard are corrupt elitists, so this is a great way of sticking it to them.


AOC Paradise. It won’t be for long if she crosses Pelosi.

Nancy’s has been. Libs are sacking her for the senate. A OWE C is becoming next fund raising Queen. And you do what Saikat Chakrabarti say or else.


You can edit titles.

I didn’t vote for her.


shes corrupt, and clueless

ms “green new deal”

bartender with no qualifications who otherwise causes eyerolls when she forms words, in your congress

What is so bad about being a bartender again? There was a time when cons cheered politicians who came from humble beginnings.

Now they love politicians with golden toilets and zero government experience


nothing in my posts suggests that

if she werent so arrogant and had a modicum of humility, instead of being on a mission to control everyones lives and great portions of the economy based on cult science, then being a lowly bartender would be fine

anyway i thought the leaping left liked people who were erudite, and well spoken, and deep thinkers. boy did that go out the window

right through the glass

Lol. And AOCDS on full display, I tells ya.

And on the topic at hand, party dues? Is that like union dues?

Edit: the first quote was from @PurpnGold. Not sure why it attributed it as such.

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Why mention her as a bartender… then follow that up with “lowly” bartender

Like Trump?

She isn’t arrogant. Trump raised that bar.


and there it is. the pivot to trump

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I addressed your criticism. And offered a better example.

You Trump supporters can’t talk about anyone being arrogant, ever.

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Saikat Chakrabarti is a genius…taken a dummy and turned it into greatest puppet show in congress.

We need few Chakrabart’s ourselves.

more trump

why cant you ever just discuss AOC?

I did. I said she wasn’t arrogant. My bar is Trump. It’s simple.

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shes arrogant. and a coward

Corrupt in what way?