Troops to leave A-stan

Finally! One of the few things I agreed with the former guy on.

He’s a dumb ass. Terrorists love anniversaries. And he gave them 5 months notice.

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Of course you would say he’s doing it wrong, but I’m still glad they are finally leaving.

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I remember former Presidents being roundly criticized for announcing such plans. What changeD ?


I agree with the former guy and the present guy on this. We won this war years ago. We sent our troops there to kill everyone involved with 911. After we did this, for some reason, we stayed. It’s time to get out.

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I wasn’t me. Nothing has changed. Look it up.

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The initial action in A-stan was an unbelievable success. We had almost no footprint on the ground and completely routed the Taliban by supporting local forces to get the job done.

It was a thing of beauty.

No one wins a war in Afghanistan. That said. I’m glad we’re leaving. We can have influence there without having boots on the ground.

We certainly did. Can you name any of our mission objectives that were not accomplished? This was a turkey shoot.

Making it terrorist free.

No we can’t.

That was never mentioned as a goal. The goal was to get the people responsible for 911. We did it.

It was one hell of a ride.


Most expensive ride in the history of the universe.

That’s like asking why you were fine with Trump bringing the Taliban to Camp David on 9/11 for negotiations.

Probably. lol

What have our mission objectives been in Afghanistan since 2004? And I’m being generous with that, ending it as late as Karzai’s democratic election.

No one can ever answer what our objectives even are for the last fifteen years.

Right? The war was pretty much won by then. There was no reason to stick around and build schools.

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Is it? Why do you think I was?