Troops in Syria

Should the troops in Syria be pulled out ASAP. Why or why not please.

Please vote, then state your reasons.

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Please vote, then explain your reasoning.

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All troops should be pulled out “as soon as possible.”. The question is, is it possible (rational) now.

Because they are 2,000 US soldiers on an undefined endless non-mission at risk between Syrian government, Syrian rebels, Turks, Kurds, Russians & Arabs.

Ask, if they should be pulled out now

I think my complaint is that Trump has no idea what he’s doing and your response seems to be if anyone points this out, they should have a better plan. I don’t have a good plan, I don’t know what the best solution is. If Trump is going to move some of the troops in Syria to Iraq as he said, then maybe leaving them in Syria to keep Turkey from attacking them makes sense.

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And since i don’t know how to edit posts, the them refers to the Kurds.

You do realize the Turks have already attacked Kurds in Syria?

Donald said he was pulling the troops out of Syria immediately. That was two weeks ago. Why aren’t they home yet?

They should be pulled out as soon as we have structure in place that’ll prevent them from having to go back in.

I have added clarification to the OP.

have they been attacking the Kurds where u.s. forces were as well? I don’t recall them attacking u.s. soldiers. I’ve heard about their attacks on different Kurdish controlled areas for awhile, back when they claimed to be fighting isis and ending up bombing Kurdish controlled areas.

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Not that I’m aware of. Are we ok with using US Troops as human shields? Do you know what the Turks did in the Korean War?

If Turkey won’t attack where U.S. troops could be killed, then it’s more protection/prevention than human shields.

Big “IF”.

One mistake, and consider who we’re talking about, and…

I wasn’t real fond of sending them in the first place. Also, was there ever Congressional authorization? Are we going to do a full everyone leaves NOW or a slower withdrawal?

We need a smooth transition but I want them out.

I learned a lot. Thanks for this.

Thank you for your honest participation and your civility.

So what are we to conclude from the lack of participation in this thread?

Anything that doesn’t concern [REDACTED] is monotonous for people to talk about. [REDACTED] is big; [REDACTED] is interesting. [REDACTED] is all the rage! We want more [REDACTED]!


So the 2,000 troops in Syria aren’t the issue?

They are just today’s mustard and tan suit?

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