Trolling and mod actions

2 parter

Are we allowed to say people are trolling now.
I’ve seen numerous people starting to use this term more and more. Even one mod.
I always took it against the rules to directly call someone a troll but suggesting someone is trolling is a more thin ice one.

What’s the role of a mod when they are in a thread debating? Is it how it’s always been? If you are discussing a topic your mod powers take a side seat ( unless someone posting a pic like porn, nobody would argue against that).

This second one has been kinda murky as of late. Thanks.

I can answer for myself only.

If I see a report, and it’s one of my posts. I ignore it and let another mod decide. I don’t put any kind of note or anything on the report.

If it’s a mod being reported. I hold their post to a higher standard than a regular poster.

And the trolling question? I’d like a clear answer to this if you can please.

calling someone a troll is an auto delete.

Pointing out some trolling by members is allowed, but most deleted.

You dont consider that 2nd part a slippery slope?

I did not know that. I was called a troll several times over the years and was also told i was trolling, both which were factually inaccurate.

I normally just schrugged them off as banter. We should be a little more thick skinned. Safe rooms are ok, i guess.

I seldom visit here these days, but, do enjoy the foru m. I do wish you would bring back the old chat box.

Have a great day hannityland.

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Unfortunately, the software that had the chat box was no longer supported and a new forum software had to be found.

Go to TP. Start a thread named “Chatbox” and go to town. The software here is similar to the chatbox in that it auto refreshes when new posts are submitted.

Tried it once. But it never got off the ground. Think it was easier when it bannered. GW maybe the forum has evolved to what it is today. The conversatons seem to get buried in the mix.