Triggered cnn Anchor Threatens One of the Small Folk (Multiple F-Bombs in Video)

Indeed. Apparently they aren’t more civilized after all. Didn’t progress or evolve.

He is Omni-Trump.

All seeing, all doing, all knowing…leading his downtrodden followers to the filthy trough of Constitutional nationalism with dog whistles and psychic brain waves.


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Al Franken is probably throwing stuff at his TV.

NOT fair…Not even close.


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And yet an idiot.

It is an oddly opposite set of character traits people like Cuomo give him.

Evil genius or lucky buffoon?


Seems the window is actually a mirror.

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He should be forced to wear a shirt with “Punk Ass Bitches from the Right” and a circle and slash every night he remains on the air at CNN. Let everyone know how much he dislikes those Punk Ass Bitches from the Right."

He will not get reprimanded.

CNN is all about playing up their bias.


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Umm no, only one of them was issuing threats of violence. There are laws against that, not so much for calling someone the name of some movie character.

And Trump worshippers applauded Greg Gianforte for violence on a reporter.
Trump worshippers don’t have any moral ground to stand on.

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Our host here said “Good for Cuomo”.

Are you only bothered by certain outlets playing up their biases or is it bad when any media does so?

Something something plants, something something we don’t know what was said off camera :joy:


Cumo is following Mad Maxine’s directive to get up in their business out in public spaces, Gas Stations, restaurants, any public place. “Create a crowd”.

“Fredo is from ‘The Godfather,’ he was that weak brother and they’re using it as an Italian aspersion,” Cuomo continued.

“It’s like the ‘n-word’ for us,” Cuomo claimed.

That’s a hell of a crowd of three.

You’re not counting the Russians

When in Rome.

Well i didn’t see a bed in the video. That’s where they usually are - in their commie form of course, if they are hacking then they are in the closet. Didn’t see one either.

A. Not a Trump worshiper
B. Did not applaud it.
C. whataboutism

I heard that. What’s funny is that everyone wears their 'public mask". They’re sooooooooo nice. Then life throws something their way that causes them to have to take their mask off. You then get a peek at who the real person is…just behind the mask. Everybody…meet Chris Cuomo. He’s an ■■■■■■■ with a capital A and a Napoleon complex and the PERFECT person to deliver sheople lies for CNN.