Trial Runs for Fascism?

I don’t get deep into isms, particular of the cultural or political type. I have not studied communism, socialism, fascism, etc. So I don’t know how accurate this article is, I just wonder is it otherwise correct? Is Trump pushing the boundaries on what he can do on the border so he can see how far he can go with this thing? We have seen how many other social and political norms have been pushed under his presidency, what more will Trump change (or emphasize) in our way of life?

Good article.

It will be ignored/dismissed by those most in need of reading it.


-John Thomas Flynn (1944)

Anyone who’s done the slightest bit of reading on the rise of Fascism pre WWII sees all of this with horror and knowing.

The ignorant and the malign do not.


It’s a mistake to think Trump has some grand plan. His administration might have goals, but I think it’s incorrect to assume Trump has anything planned out and is “pushing the boundaries”. This is a day-to-day administration. Typically the right hand doesn’t know what the left is doing. It’s chaos. Trying to a fix some higher meaning to it all is fruitless.

Silly liberal, fascism is an economic system whereby the government gets in bed with and exerts influence over business. Particularly big business’ like GM, GE and banks. If you want to see examples of fascist economic policy refer to the last administration.

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Exerts influence over business? Where have I seen that…

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Did he take over their board of directors? Fire the CEO and place one of his choosing in his place? Influence involves more than speech, which is free, it involves exerting actual power. Obama did this, Trump cajoles, talks and shames. That is not Fascism, what Obama did is.

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Sorry, not seeing it.

Yeah, that is not fascism at all. Where did you come up with this definition?

What private business did Obama take over the board of directors and then personally fire the CEO, and implant his own CEO in their stead? :confused:

Of course Trump doesn’t. He isn’t that smart. However he sees himself as a demigod and authoritarian.
However Stephen Miller and Stephen Bannon still have the Presidents ear. And they are both alt-right wackos. And with what happened at the border I believe that the master plan is in place, but has just took longer to execute then originally planned.

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denial won’t change facts.

Board members at GM were removed and replaced by the administrations overseer, the CEO was fired and replaced by the administrations overseer. The administrations overseer is the administration, Obama’s representative. That is as close to fascism as we have ever come. I’m not talking about a NAZI type fascist regime, I’m talking about fascist economic policies. Are you silly liberals now going to deny that fascism is largely an economic system much like communism and socialism are? Do you know the real difference between fascism and socialism? Simple really, under socialism the “people” through the government OWN the means of production, under fascism they simply CONTROL the means of production without ownership.

So when does the government step in when a major company is going down the chutes? Also, the whole GM deal started with Bush providing the initial bail-out money. When Treasury (Obama) asked Wagoner to step down, there was already a lot of pressure from both Democrats and Republicans on the hill that wanted him out before they would consider additional bail-out money. And at that time Wagoner had a pretty consistent eight years of being at the helm of a really troubled corporation. And yes, during the whole shebang there was a lot of slight of hand and questionable moves by the government to re-align the company and make everything work. But in the end an estimated 1.5M jobs were saved. I say that there was substantial reason for the level of government involvement to save one of our major company’s.

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The government steps in by hearing the bankruptcy case in a court same as any other bankruptcy. Bush did not provide “bailout money” he approved a bridge loan to get them through the election season to allow the next President to deal with it. It did not include stock in the company or control of it. For the record, I was against that too and spoke out against it. The government is not a lender and has no business throwing good money after bad. Fascism is NEVER okay. Consider what would have happened had GM gone through a normal bankruptcy. Profitable parts of the company would have been sold off and would still be operating. Unprofitable parts would be liquidated and the equipment would be bought by investors who would put it to use in new ventures. Nothing even close to 1.5M jobs were saved as 1.5M jobs were not in peril. The union was in peril, that’s all.

I was listening to der trumpengroper speak on how he would handle ISIS and it was rather repulsive. He has a habit of advocating for brutality in our approaches. He advocated for taking out extended families and considering that is bad enough, we have several people still in GITMO still awaiting trial, it is not a leap in logic to conclude their families will be tortured worse than waterboarding.

Trump has always pushed the boundaries. All you have to do is look at his career. Taking people’s homes and farms via eminent domain? Now there’s a business solution you see every day.

Dems loved it when Obama put babies in cages…

Commies build walls to keep people in. Socialism makes people poor and dependent. Fascism is not a low tax, small govt belief.

Points for speaking troof Mx. man.109% of the time libbious types fake it.

However, it is not a good socilator strategery to begin a rant by confessing that you don’t have a clue as to what you’re talking about. I mean, that’s the way your piece kinda struck me. No charge for the review.

Ok, I’ll accept that Trump is wandering aimlessly and that planning ahead isn’t his thing. But, after Trump and his ilk have wandered us in a particular direction, there will be someone (who isn’t Trump) who notices what direction the country has been wandered towards and use it to their advantage.

Kinda like the way that Trump noticed Obama’s use of E.O.s (who noticed Bush…) and decided that it was his turn to make up laws.

Yes… Fascism is the state over the individual…"above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government "…