Treasury’s Inspector General to Review Harriet Tubman $20 Bill Delay

10 months? It should be the shortest investigation in history.

I’m sure there are “fine” arguments on both sides, totally not a racist move to please the base.

“Not on my watch”

You mean Mnuchin is in charge of this? LOL … Well, who’s his Special Counsel? Jeff Sessions? :laughing:

We put a black woman on the 10$ bill the world didnt end

Yeah… but your money smells like maple syrup also… so there is that.

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I did not know that. :+1:

We should have the ig look into Mnuchin for what he did to Sears.

Its a nice looking bill.

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If Trump asked for it, his followers would support it and still deny an unsavory connection between the two.

I’m not sure if this is legit, but I saw a “prototype” of the new $20 and it looks good! Libs are going cry, but who cares? Make America Great Again!

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I cannot stand Trump or his lowlife base, but this idea to put Tubman on the 20 is ridiculous.

Is it? I ever put much thought into it, as it’s just currency.

The seemingly spiteful delay was all I commented on.

“In Trump we trust”

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