Travel Ban to Florida

The WH and DNC is considering instituting a travel ban to FL due to COVID variants that are in FL. Wow…even NBC shows the only variant in FL is the UK variant. Of course, he can shutdown travel to FL, but he would have to do the same to the other 30 states to include all of the NE and western states that have the same COVID variant. Not to mention the states that have not only the UK variant but the South African and Brazilian variants as well.

Additionally, California, as well as some other states, have their own variants (e.g., Cal.20C) that are spreading across the US.

Give me a break, if the politicians were serious about stopping this outbreak, it should have forward observation posts (US Embassies) that raise the alarm at the first potential news of an outbreak that would automatically seal the US borders for inbound travel and seal port cities until the pathogen can be identified and evaluated. Yes, it may cause millions or billions of dollars, but not trillions that we can ill afford. Once it is in the US, containment is extremely difficult at best for any contagious disease.

Although, truthfully, I would love to see our state line shutdown to blue state migrants. I have seen so many come here saying they left their stated due to taxes and other social problems, then they turn around and vote to raise our taxes because they feel our taxes are too low. Uhhh…please go back, our tax rate is just fine and if you want those new social programs we may not have in robust supply, please go back and enjoy them to the fullest.


I want my state to secede from the Union. I wish there was a legal mechanism.


Link? This sound fake or a qanon conspiracy.

This is not anyway possible. With roads being open and all.

There is. The requirements are near impossible to meet. We’re stuck with each other.

Hug it out?


You can leave the country too if you are unhappy.

The ban would affect many states not just FL and the idea has been rescinded due to the push back the administration experienced. But raising the idea is the first step to normalizing the idea.

Reported by NBC6 Miami. Biden Administration Eyes Florida Travel Restrictions Amid COVID-19 Variant Cases: Report – NBC 6 South Florida

Map of COVID variant as of Jan 29, 2021: Map: Track the spread of the Covid-19 variants across the United States

I’m not versed enough with Q to conspire with them and I agree, this would be difficult to isolate a state other than Hawaii, due to porous state lines. This is the reason that I stated once the pathogen enters the US and is not immediately contained, it becomes almost impossible to stop. However, if you are willing to use lethal measure, then it is far easier to seal any state given modern technology.

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I think it’s the air travel that they want banned.

A White House spokesperson said Thursday that no specific decisions were under consideration.

“To be clear, there have been no decisions made around additional public health measures for domestic travel safety. The administration is continuing to discuss recommendations across the travel space,” the spokesperson said.

Newt’s chicken with two left wings comes to mind.

We could build a wall. LOL

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Travel ban on Florida because of Covid19 and open the southern border. Who is on board with that?


DeSantis isn’t playing by the the new normal rules. And he calls the media out.


She can stay.


yes, a lot of liberals ideas do sound exactly like q conspiracies.


Trial ballon floated by Biden admin more radical people.

Results: lead ballon.


Bam…hammer…meet nail.

lol… yep

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Lol. The country left her type of deal., huh.

That’s what makes this country so great.

People can change govt if they wish.

No secession needed.

All piper needs to do is get like minded people to band together and make the necessary change.


There is.


Therefore, he must be punished.



dictators dont buy into all that “federalism”

he will pay

guarantee you their media apparatus is culling through every one of his tweets