Transparency in the Biden white house

Tax returns. White House visitors logs.

It’s great having transparency in the white again after 4 years of hiding stuff from citizens view.


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Yup, refreshing.

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As opposed to the leaky White House under trump, where we got the not so good news on a daily basis.


If there’s transparency, tell me who is calling the shots?


Reach for the bag of treats and the dog will wags its tail in glee. Doesn’t even matter if it’s empty. lol


Then bite the help and crap on the floor.


Biden is, despite your conspiracy thinking.

You really believe an 80 year old white male racist is doing all this?


I don’t know who you are talking about, but Biden is in charge.

Finally…some honesty. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

ps…neither does Joe

Jbiden is an 80 year old white male racist. You really believe he is doing all this Woke stuff?

Biden is white and male so you are half right.

Woke stuff like appointing trumps immigration judges.


Why do you do that?

Yes and 80 and a racist, so I got both halves.

Do you really believe he thinks this stuff is best for the country?

Mainly because it’s true. Lol

So woke it’s not funny.

Prolly to throw people off the scent.


I have to question your discernment since he is quite clearly not 80. If you get such a simple fact wrong…

This would be an excellent time to tell us who is really running the Biden White House after darkly hinting and refusing to say for months and months and months.

:rofl: Of course he is. You will learn as you age there’s no such thing as “78 and a half”. We accept the rounding.

His mental decline is obvious. You think there’s a material difference here?

I already have.