Transgender Sex Reassignment Surgery, now more accessible in Wisconsin

Not really…if you smoke it affects coverage. If you eat an unhealthy lifestyle it will affect your coverage. If you are over weight it will affect your coverage.

All these things I’ll have to help cover for. Rates will go up because of it.

No the real truth is people are against this because they dont like transgender people. They find it a perversion

The argument will be " what they do on their own dime is of no concern to me". Which is air given the political climate in how one party is treating them vs another.


we should start a Christian only insurance company we will make billions.

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Why not? There are Muslim homebuyer programs

Some states allow for religious and other objections to performing certain business transactions.

Why should anyone be forced to carry health insurance that covers services their conscience finds objectionable? I think you’re onto something with that idea :bulb:

There are sex reassignment surgery patients who regret undergoing the transition, generally men who have “transitioned” to women:

There is also 100% noninvasive psychotherapy to help those who feel their sexual identity doesn’t match their physical identity.

Generally LASIK, the laser procedure to improve nearsightedness, isn’t covered as glasses & contacts are available to correct. IMO Sex reassignment surgery shouldn’t be covered, either.

Connecticut is one of the states that requires coverage for sex reassignment surgery. And percentage of those not covered by an employer sponsored health plan has gone up in recent years:

Could be job loss, but also could be adding yet another coverage mandate since those services the ACA forced insurance to cover makes buying health insurance not so affordable for employers to buy.

wish we could address these mental health issues the right way instead of making it worse by mutilating people

no. an absolutely accurate post

Truth hurts some folks.

That is legitimate medicine. It is restoring lost biological function. What lost bodily function does transgender surgery restore?

People who want to mutilate their body into looking like the opposite sex - these aren’t the kinds of people who make long-term, rational decisions. Their lives are filled with regret.

They have a mental disorder. No amount of self-mutilation is going to change that.


We actually would…

Lol you know we have to laugh at that response.


Doc says no:

““Being transgender is not a choice, and it is not a mental disorder,” Gast said. “This is medically necessary surgery, as every expert-led medical association in the United States says it is.””

Geewillikers, he’s a doctor! Ah gee, he must never be wrong. :rofl:

Once again, you fragile libs derailed your own thread to make it about people with differing opinions.

Y’all probably can’t figure out why you keep failing either. :wink:

If only sex reassignment surgeries came with prerequisites of psychotherapy sessions. Oh wait they do

Many surgeries are in fact unnecessary, and comparisons of them with patients not treated surgically are often not done:

I’m not advocating for these surgeries. But many of these people seem to desperately want them.


It’s a message board…opinions will differ…

Did you know fire is hot?

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