Transgender Sex Reassignment Surgery, now more accessible in Wisconsin

This was something that had flown under the radar for me until I read today’s newspaper. Apparently state Medicaid now covers transgender sex surgeries, as well as the insurance plan for state employees and more and more private insurers too.

I used to be averse to tax dollars being used to cover these types of surgeries, but now I’m re-thinking that. If medical doctors find it to be a procedure that benefits patients, and private insurers agree, well here we are.

It has certainly been a blessing for the people in the linked article.

I’m wondering if anyone knows if this is something being covered more in other states, or just Wisconsin.

“Transgender surgery has become more accessible in Wisconsin in the past two years, allowing people who feel they need the surgery — and whose therapists and doctors deem it medically necessary, as is required for some procedures — to live fuller lives.”"

"A year later, the board that oversees benefits for state employees approved coverage of transgender surgery, hormone treatment and related services starting Jan. 1 this year. In October 2018, a judge awarded nearly $800,000 to two transgender state workers after finding the previous ban on coverage to be sex discrimination, a ruling that helped codify the new benefit.

Last month, the same judge overturned a state ban on covering transgender services for people on Medicaid, the state-federal program for people with low incomes. His initial injunction requiring Medicaid coverage came in July 2018."


And up goes the insurance rates to cover these expensive non necessary proceedures.


Or do insurance rates go down because it’s a better, more targeted fix?

What medical proceedures is this going to take the place of?

It’s elective surgery/proceedure. Now it’s a covered claim and everyone will be paying the price for it.

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Because insurance only covered necessary procedures and medication.

are you this upset your paying for Viagra.

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I’m guessing there wasn’t a big outcry when Medicare and Medicaid began to cover penile implants for guys who can’t get it up anymore.

Oh well, it’s not like their mental problems are going away any time soon. May as well do something they’ll regret for their statistically shorter lifespans.

Yay self-mutilation. lol


Goes up for all that fast food and smoking

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Do that many people get this surgery?


Unless it is for an actual medical need.

Not a necessity, shouldn’t be covered either.

Apples to Oranges

Disgusting post.

They are necessary.

I agree, everyone is going to go get sex reassignment surgeries and the cost of the program will totally skyrocket as a result.



I think I feel like a quadriplegic today?

I think insurance should have to pay for my healthy limbs to be amputated, just because I think they should.


Yes. Totally the same. :roll_eyes:

It’s cosmetic surgery. Sex change is physically impossible.