!Transgender Rights!


Yes. Yes it is.

Keep on whistling past the graveyard with this idea.

You are flailing my man.


Male is male at birth, female is female at birth, chromosomally speaking, statistically by and large.

That is not flailing.

But say it a fifth time just in case you don’t think that makes it so yet.


Let us backtrack a little.

If a baby is born with androgynous or ambiguous genitalia, what gender are they?


An identifiable chromosomal abnormality, with treatment, and not the point of this discussion.

Bring up something out of the blue for your first post that matters next time.


Nobody cares about those freaks.


Look at my first (or second?) post. These cases are very mercifully rare in context of the “what gender am I today?” thread.

If you want to talk about identifiable chromosomal/anatomical abnormalities start a different thread.

This is why I said “statistically by and large”


Nah… I am good with this one

Xx/xy chromosomes can produce androgynous and ambiguous genitalia… correct?


First, drop the condescending attitude. Second. This is what you said that I responded to. What is a Kleinfelter male, chromosomally speaking? What is XXY? What if the SRY is translocated and you have an XX male? What about an XXX female?

Biological sex is fairly rigid but there are exceptions. In the event of these exceptions, you often find altered brain chemistry. In the case of transgender individuals, or homosexual individuals, differences in brain chemistry can be and/or are observed. From this vantage point, it’s a lot easier to understand how gender is closer to a spectrum than the concept of biological sex.


Heck… there are people who contain both xy and XX chromosomes depending on where on their body you test them.

But eighth grade biology is the pinnacle of our understanding… so who am I to argue?


Those days? We didn’t tell women that they were REQUIRED to shower with strange men. You make a goofy comparison.


This dude probably struggled with two trait punnett squares but wants to go waist deep into a discussion about one of the most scientifically intricate topics in biology…


:laughing: What does your reply have to do with my post.




Or how about this one?


Men’s or womens?


Depends…transgender or transvestite? Makes a big difference.


The bathroom cops are at it again.



Under the law YOU would support, this person will be legally REQUIRED to use the women’s restroom. You’re totally fine with that? (That is one “less feminine looking woman”, I’ll give you that.)

To be clear: I’m not suggesting in any way that this person is a threat to my kid. Quite the opposite. They’re just looking to use the can.


the law that says women use women’s, and men use the men’s? yes i would be ok with her using the ladies room.

what i am not ok with is a law that allows perverts to gain access to the ladies room etc because they can claim they are feeling “feminine” that day

but enough about pure basic common sense


who needs bathroom cops when everything can be anything to everyone huh?