!Transgender Rights!


Here is a Scientific American article.

I am astounded by people who dig their heels on the fact that biology is not dichotomous and refuses to fit into narrow categories they they determine as right.

Especially when one concedes that the narrow sex definition of xx/xy chromosomes can result in androngonous or ambiguous genetalia but somehow seize up on the idea that the structures in the brain that determine sexuality or gender identity cannot be equally androgynous or ambiguous.

It is a really silly hill to defend.


thank you.

but articles are not scientific studies.

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that has nothing to do with the mental illness of transgenderism and the inane laws leftists pass to feel better about themselves while making a bad situation worse.



Why do you hate children? Why do you want to enable pervert men by allowing them into bathrooms children use?


are you suggesting that this supports something you are stating?

Please describe


I won’t ever seriously consider addressing any posts that begins with “why do you hate children?”

where did you learn such horrible debate/discussion behavior?


I learned it from Trumpists here!

“Why do Democrats [insert vile behavior here]” threads.



You are flailing now.


Already posted that article. He ignored it, just like the one by the APA.


Ok…just making sure…i understood you correctly.


articles are not scientific studies.

they prove nothing.


um, no. nothing you stated has anything to do with this “study”

you just flung it against the wall to see if it would stick. You didbn’t even add any commentary in the post.


You are making suppositions that are not supported by science while saying that that they are

There is no helping those who wish to remain in ignorance.


Agree Calirepub.

Men use the men’s room.

Women use the women’s room.

If you’re a trans man, use the men’s room.

If you’re a trans woman, use the women’s room.

We don’t need to police the bathroom and shake down people for deposing waste. Save it for the real criminals.

I find it “odd” that the RR wants men to use the women’s room, and women to use the men’s room.

But apparently we’re not “mature” enough to handle the less than 1% of Americans whose brains and chromosomes don’t line up in a traditional manner. Lets yell and scream and limit their civil rights.


Yep. He’s a lost cause. We show him facts and he reverts back to “science” he cannot back up.


The science that supports men are men and women are women is presented in the 8th grade.

If you have something that disputes that please present it.


Do you know what s kleinfelter male is?


Nature is a lot more complicated than eighth grade biology class.

I took ninth grade French… of course I can read and understand Moliere to enjoy the rhyming couplets to their fullest.


not when it comes to gender.


C’est la vie