!Transgender Rights!


Because psychology and sociology teach us that the best way to overcome fear of “the other” is to become familiar with it. It’s way easier to hate the gays before your teenager comes out.


If an individual regularly deals with ridicule, criticism, hostility, and harassment by others do you think it would increase or decrease the likelihood of suicidal thoughts?


start a pot of coffee.

You are going to learn a lot tonight.


A. That’s hilarious.

B. I’m more concerned about a law that requires my 10-y.o. daughter to wash her hands while wondering why a man is standing at the next sink in the women’s restroom. Because she’s 10, and doesn’t yet know about transgender, or laws that require everyone to use their “birth-sex” bathroom.


“Internal ambiguity” is psychology easily heavily influenced by the literally insane left and media.


Right. They need to drip their oil in a garage if their own kind.


Acc. to the hard-pan scientific left, this is “science”

Enjoy the chuckle.


Thank you!


So you are saying a trans man…born a woman should use the men’s room…or are you saying the opposite.


I’m of the opinion that trans men should use bathrooms for men and trans women should use women bathrooms.


Sorry, for what?


for being concerned about how a potential pervert can use the politically correct insane lefty laws of feeling “genderfulid” one day and therefore lawfully use the ladies to do pervert things with little girls.


Doing perverted things to little girls in bathrooms is illegal regardless of what gender you are.

It’s just like a lib to make up new laws to prevent things that are already illegal. We need to enforce current laws instead of making up new ones.


So we hear.

Yet, idiot lefty entities want to allow anyone (lonely pervert with beard) to lawfully use the ladies as long as they are feeling “genderfluid” that day.

Total insanity, isn’t it?


Since you edited…

how about we not make laws that make it easy for perverts to do [pervert things

Sounds outrageous in this Obama world I know. But, you know, hope and change down your throat.


Oh, I get it! You think I AGREE with you.

No. My point is that one absolutely certain result of laws that require the use of “birth-gender” restrooms will be that female-male transgendered persons, now traditionally male in appearance, mustache and all, will be REQUIRED to use the same restroom as my 10-y.o. daughter.

She’s 10, Rodan. I’d rather not present her with unnecessary “■■■?” moments just yet, thanks.


That is a vast vast vast minority of cases contrary to what your beloved media would have you believe otherwise. Actual women who have full mustaches. cute.

My daughters are 11 and 8.

As a parent of little girls you should be more concerned about screwball perverts taking advantage of insane leftist laws on the fly to gain legal access to the ladies vs what they might see in some of the less feminine looking women.

It’s “Rodin” btw.


I am speaking of biology.

You are now flailing my man.


please show the scientific studies that describe “internal ambiguity” over gender/sex and their results.

thank you


Maybe we can start with banning men from using bathrooms that children use, since men tend to commit the majority of sex crimes against minors.