!Transgender Rights!


here we go again with the “bathroom.” is the gender issue decided by who uses what bathroom instead of biological science?


You’re obviously invested in this issue. You don’t want transgender women to use the womens bathroom, so the only alternative is that you want transgender women to use the mens bathroom. I don’t know why you want to use the restroom with transgender women, but I can guess.


the inner parts are the chromosomes and sex cells (with exception of some sperm cells if that applies)


science doesnt care about your feelings


is there no way to address this without resorting to “bathrooms?”


I’m using “bathrooms” as shorthand for all the issues described in the OP. It’s too cumbersome to write out “locker rooms, etc.”


bathrooms, lockerrooms etc. none of that decides gender

only political correctness and other pry bars used to define the issue by the grossly unscientific left


Excuse me for discussing the OP. If you want to start a thread dedicated to talking about what you want to talk about, go ahead. I’m going be right here discussing the topic of conversation.


What you just wrote is 100% inaccurate.


We’re talking about gender, not sex. You’re confused.



Your strict Xx/Xy chromosomal standard still allows for external ambiguity but not internal ambiguity.

Why is that?


lay the scientific evidence on me


Get educated

American Psychological Society



whether you call this “gender” or “sex” does not matter.

It is determined biologically, again,. by and great large.

Science rules


you need knowledge

here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biology


Read the link dude.

Here’s another other:Transgender brains

I am waiting for your apology. You clearly don’t understand science at all.


So much pearl clutching.

I don’t care if my wife showers next to a trans woman. I, however, don’t wish to use the urinal next to anyone who devotes substantial brain space to worrying about the toileting locations of trans women.

Maybe we segregate bathrooms not based on gender, but on whether or not you get hemorrhoids over nonsense.


Are you capable of reading the links? Just curious. I posted science, you have not.


lol yeah apology.

40 % of “transgender” people try to commit suicide. Where’s that in your beloved brain shape study?





not sure. The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and the Williams Institute (and about a dozen other studies) does not specify.