!Transgender Rights!


Or this transgender woman - men’s or women’s room?


I don’t think the RR posters here understand what “Transgender man” means.

There’s a lot of problem with their logic, particularly the fact that many transgender people look like the opposite sex. We would literally have to bring in the potty patrol to double check Ids and possibly do a bottom check.

Yes, lets harass all the round-face women who are over 6 foot or the short men with low voices. Lets harass a single Dad taking his daughter into the women’s room. What about the pregnant women using the men’s room or the IDS man who uses the women’s room (closest to his work station). It’s so freakin stupid. Just use the bathroom you want.

You would have never known that Nicole Maines or Hari Nef are transgender by just looking at them.


That’s the point. All what you’re going to do, if the RR had their way (Thank God for our court system), a transman would be forced to use the women’s room, and all the women would be like, “Why’s a man in our bathroom.”


male vs female “shaped” brains has nothing to do with nothing

what matters is the biological determination identifiable at birth.

no, sorry gender is not “psychological” it is scientifically biological, genetic.

what is “psycological” is the mental illness where one thinks they are one (or more) of dozens of ficttional genders.

we need to treat this mental illness as the illness it is rather than inventing normalcy and bending reality to match the illness, thank you deranged left.

it would sure help reduce suicide among this afflicted group, and provide the right level of help for them


Because hermaphrodites and ambiguous genitalia doesn’t exist.


very very small percentage i addressed this in my first elucidating post


penis: mens

no penis: womens

this will be the answer to all such questions


That woman doesn’t have a penis, so women’s restroom it is. Thank you for answering.


i love when the tripping left tells me I am the one confused on what gender means

seriously, i do. it is such distilled pure irony it’s like staring in the face of God it is so pure



good for her

assuming of course she was not born with one

because as anyone who knows science and mental illness, chopping off penises doesnt make someone female


She was born with one.

Tell me. Do you want to go to the bathroom with someone like her?


then ladies room


dont care who or what isin bathroom with me


Sounds like your preference is that she goes to the same bathroom as you, as opposed to her choosing to go to the womens bathroom.

Am I wrong? Do you seriously not care which bathroom she goes to now?


Very odd that you would concede the fact of ambiguous genitalia but not that of ambiguity in the brain.



um, no… lol. it does NOT sound like that because i did not make it sound like that.

no, i do not care who goes into the mens room


You only care about who goes into the bathroom that you never frequent?


biology is biology

sorry you find that ODD


You’ve obviously never been deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan or any other war zone. The sexual orientation of another Soldier in the shower trailer or holding the 5 gallon water container is the last thing on your mind.


Odd that biology is only ambiguous on the outer parts but not the inner parts.