!Transgender Rights!


Did you get to shower with any gay men?


I picked a bad day to stop sniffing glue.


What about trans ams?


No idea. I never considered other Soldiers’ sexual identity any of my business. Statistically, I more than likely did…and survived. Imagine that.


That’s cool.

That’s good that you enjoyed yourself.
Whatever floats your boat.


We don’t allow them Pervert Pontiacs in the garages of Trumpistan, partner.


There’s a very good reason that you are called the party of fear.


I don’t think that a person transitioning resembles the kind of men that are abusing these women.

For one thing, they probably have nicer breasts than the other women there.

And one thing to keep in mind, as far as abuse shelters go we have an ongoing problem where the only ones that are seemingly available cater solely to women or women with children. Almost nothing for men, and certainly nothing for the trans community.

Heck, the Trans community probably has more shelters than for men.

As far as I know, women tend to use stalls in bathrooms, they don’t drop trough out in the open so if someone is using the stall next to a woman that shouldn’t be an issue. Heck, I have been at enough sporting events where women come into the mens room and use their stalls because the line is too long in the women’s BR. And I have never heard of anything bad coming of that.


letting people think they are the gender or can become the gender opposite the one they were born with is doing them a great disservice


I’m nowhere near close to being a Democrat. And that’s movie reference. But you’re a Republican, so be honest, knowing things isn’t your strong suit, yes?


Who are you to decide what somebody’s gender is?


have you ever heard of anything bad becoming of guys pretending to identify with being female to gain politically correct entrance into a ladies room for all the wrong reasons?



good one!


You don’t seem to understand the transgender issue at all or the science.

Try doing research on the issue before you create a complete false narrative.


What is the answer? You seem to be confused on what being transgender means. I know we have gone over this before.


oh youre serious sorry

if a person is born with male genitals, a male.

female genitals, a female.

by and large.

tiny percentage there is chromosomal abnormality.

the end

see how easy?


Forget transsexuals - when is the Sean Hannity forums going to address the very real problem of transavatars - those people who get banned for one reason or another and then pop up soon after as a poorly disguised alter ego?

I’m very uncomfortable sharing threads with these people.


Gender is about psychology.

Sex is about chromosomes.

No transgender looks between their legs and sees a penis, but there’s really a vagina.

We’re talking about the human brain and how somebody sees themselves in the world.

Again, you clearly don’t understand. The fact you’re assuming that transgender believe they were born with different sex organ, shows how little you understand. My point here is who are you decide to how what they see themselves as psychology. It has been proven that transgender people’s brains are shaped different than most brains. Transgender men have masculine-shaped brains, transgender women have feminine-shaped brains.

What you’re also oblivious is that pretty much all of them get both a medical and psychological exam BEFORE they transition.


Yep. It’s a stupid issue. The RR turned a non-exist issue into a big social topic and started accusing transgenders of being sexual predators. It’s become an issue now because we’re talking about stripped people of their civil liberties.


Should this transgender man use the Mens bathroom or the Womens bathroom?

  • Mens bathroom
  • Womens bathroom

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